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Travel & Teach - United Kingdom (UK)

Travel and Teach

Although TESOL positions in UK private language schools still appear in the UK Guardian on Tuesdays, the Times Educational Supplement on Fridays and the EL Gazette, top TESOL websites now advertise the latest positions from February onwards.  The best of these is www.tefl.com.

Alternatively, try your local phone directory, but be aware that some summer schools with head offices elsewhere will not be listed locally. Summer schools operating in your area may rent classrooms in local colleges and schools so try these, too. Major employers, such as OISE and SUL, have employed Global English graduates. The south coast is dominated by such schools and we know some of our graduates have secured work by knocking on doors before Easter, gaining an immediate interview with the Director of Studies!

In addition to your Global English TESOL certificate you will often need a degree and any teaching practice or teaching experience you have should be highlighted on your CV. When you apply for a job, ensure you highlight any commercial (business) experience or any contact with children.

You might find the guide to writing your CV on our site quite helpful here.

As previously mentioned, there are an increasing number of different ways to teach in the UK, other than in private language schools and for the creative 'TESOLers', there are some alternatives:

  1. Find your own source of foreign students (by hosting them for a local language school, say) and creating a local network of learners to offer freelance teaching.
  2. Teach English in your own home. There are a variety of agencies offering this facility and some advertise on our jobs pages.
  3. Offer English over the internet/phone. Our sister organisation Phone English is just one such school and we have written more on this growing sector here.
  4. Teaching English to immigrants. Due to the influx of non-English speakers into the UK, a number of Global English graduates have found work in this area. Although not technically TESOL, (because English to immigrants is English as a Second Language or ESL) there is obviously some cross-over between these similar sectors. You will need to contact your local council as a first step to find out requirements and whether it is paid because demand, pay and conditions vary between counties. See our Comments section for more info.

Our recommended course options for the UK are:

Alternatively, combine all these into our 300-hour TESOL Professional course 

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