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  • 250 hours of accredited Level 5 course material & video
  • Personal, dedicated tutor support
  • 365 days of course access from registration
  • Teaching English online - enhanced modules & resources
  • Engage with others on the student forum 
  • Assistance with CV/Resume and access to our jobs board
  • GE TESOL 250-hour PDF certificate on completion included
  • Prestigious Level 5 ACTDEC certificate available for extra fee
  • Study online from tablet/computer or your mobile device 
  • Dig into fascinating teaching/language areas few TESOL courses cover



  • You want one of the most advanced online TESOL qualifications
  • You want to train with an internationally accredited course provider
  • You want more depth and knowledge to enhance your teaching 

250 Hour Level 5 TESOL Professional Diploma

Sign up Now for the 250 Hour Level 5 proefssional Diploma aimed at prospective teachers who are career-minded and want a deeper understanding of English, teaching, and a superior qualification. 

Interactive price: £346.50

(including a 30% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

 The teacher’s choice; give your TESOL resume and skill-set a boost with a prestigious ACTDEC Level 5 qualification and enjoy better worldwide job opportunities. 

This course is for you if you want to:

  • impress with our most advanced TESOL qualification
  • improve your CV and job prospects
  • develop a broader and deeper TESOL knowledge with full tutor support

Enjoy 24/7 course access: work at your own pace with personal tutor support for feedback, marking and guidance.

Top quality training

If you want your qualification to stand out from the typical Level 5 certificate, this is for you.  Taking you from beginner to expert, step-by-step, this course covers how to teach English in more depth and includes topics few other TESOL courses touch.

The course comprises all the ACTDEC accredited material from our 150-hour TESOL Advanced coursewith the addition of these fascinating study areas:

  • online English teaching - learn how to optimise Zoom and manage online classes better
  • inclusion in TESOL - how to understand and support learners with various special needs or disabilities (SEND)
  • phonetics - showing you how to help your learners improve their spoken English 
  • linguistics - better appreciate the factors influencing the English language today 
  • advanced learner assessment - how to design valid and reliable tests for your students
  • IELTS - all about this popular exam and how to teach it effectively 
  • professional development - reflective teaching and some current ethical issues in ELT.

To conclude the course, you choose the topic of your final extended essay from a variety of interesting options.

See the course content tab for the specifics of what you'll cover on this course.

This course has been revised and updated in line with new ACTDEC Level 5 requirements for 2023.  We’ve made it easier for you to personalise your learning with our new ‘notes’ feature.

Qualify with confidence and bring more expertise to the classroom. Enjoy tutor feedback, support and regular course time reminders to help keep you on track. 

Opinion matters

With over 25 years' experience in TESOL training, what do people say about Global English?

"Very informative with good examples and plans to help you construct lessons and gain confidence as a teacher. Also challenging questions that make you think well about setting up and planning lessons as well as dealing with students needs and your own. And good links to useful websites, material, and potential employers, which will help in the future."
David Coe, TESOL Professional course graduate

For more course reviews, see Student Comments.


Open to anyone over 18 years of age and with a good level of English. No previous teaching experience required. If you are a non-native English speaker, you can check our non-native English speaker eligibility requirements on the FAQ page. Remember you can always ask us if you are not sure about your level of English. 

A reliable internet connection is required since this course operates over an interactive platform. PC/Mac/Tablet compatible.


Typically, this course can take between 10-20 weeks to complete, but we go at your pace and you'll have 365 days access to this course for maximum flexibility. 

Everything you need to complete your course and gain your certificate is included in the one fee above. However, check out these optional extras:

  • additional time course extensions available if you need access beyond 365 days
  • Global English TESOL printed and embossed certificate posted to you 
  • optional ACTDEC Level 5 PDF certificate available upon successful completion

This course blends perfectly with any other specialist TESOL courses, for an additional 10% discount. 


TESOL Professional Course 250 hours - course content 

This full level 5 ACTDEC accredited course covers all the material in the new 2023 ACTDEC syllabus, across 52 interactive modules, each with a range of tutor-assessed and computer-assessed questions. There are nine 'stop and reflect' sections, two essays and four lesson plans. 


M1 Introduction to TESOL
What is ELT? Introduction to English language teaching, the ELT industry and qualities of a good teacher.

M2 Reasons for learning English
Wants and needs of adult, young learners, classroom and online students.

M3 Classroom Management 1
Traditional vs. communicative classrooms, classroom layouts, basic class planning, online classrooms, needs analysis and managing student expectations.

M4 Classroom Management 2
Getting lessons started with engagement activities, group work and pair work, student motivation and discipline in the classroom.

M5 Classroom Management 3
Classroom sensitivity and the importance of learning consolidation through homework.

M6 Classroom Management 4
Spoken and written correction - how to correct students and encourage them to learn from their mistakes, how to make corrections effectively when teaching online.

Classroom Management Summary
Write a summary essay of the main features of classroom management covered so far.

CR1 - Classroom Management
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on classroom management.

M7 Levels
Teaching at different levels and how to judge the level of your learners

M8 Materials
Selecting materials for classroom-based teaching and online teaching, the major ELT publishers and best free or subscription-based online teaching websites.

M9 Lesson Planning
Creating effective classroom and online lesson plans that help learners develop their English ability. A sample lesson plan for a classroom-based lesson.

M10 Skills Lessons – Reading
Language acquisition and planning reading-focused lessons, with pre-teaching, concept and comprehension questions, controlled and free practice activities, aims and objectives.

M11 – Skills Lessons – Writing
Different ideas for helping learners develop their written English ability, semi-controlled and free writing, project or topic-based lessons.

M12 – Skills Lessons – Listening
The different stages of a listening lesson, ideas and materials for listening lessons, including songs and activities for both adults and young learners.

M13 – Skills Lessons – Speaking
How to give effective speaking lessons, including fluency, themed conversation-based lessons, and pronunciation, including consonant clusters and similar vowel sounds.

LP1 – Skills Lesson Plan
Create a lesson plan for either a reading or speaking lesson.

CR2 - Skills Lessons
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on teaching the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

M14 – Language Awareness
Develop your knowledge of how the English language works. Examine the structure and components of English in order to be able to teach more effectively.

M15 – Getting Started with Grammar
Discover how to teach basic English grammar, including verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and other basic building blocks of our language.

M16 – Present Tense
How to teach the verb ‘to be’, the present simple and continuous forms, with easy teaching lesson ideas.

M17 – Past Tense
How to teach the past simple and continuous, regular and irregular forms with a sample past tense grammar lesson.

M18 – Auxiliary Verbs
Using Do, Does and Did as auxiliary verbs in sentences and questions.

M19 – Future Forms
Using different future forms to make predictions, talk about plans and instant decisions, making arrangements and speaking about timetabled events in English.

M20 – Passive Voice
Difference between active and passive voice, how passive voice is used and ideas for teaching it.

M21 – Perfect Tense
Present perfect simple and continuous form and uses, past perfect and future perfect with examples, exercises and tips for teaching. 

LP2 - Grammar Lesson Plan
Create a lesson plan for the revision of the past simple and present perfect simple.

M22 – Conditional Forms
Teaching the first, second, third and zero conditional, lesson plan guidance and samples.

CR3 - English Grammar
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on teaching grammar.

M23 – Teaching Vocabulary
Lexis and storage, learning new language semantically, antonyms and synonyms, sample lesson plan for teaching vocabulary.

M24 – Functional English and Modal Verbs
Teaching function lessons, including requests, offers, permission, suggestions, obligation and advice.

M25 – Language Structure and Acquisition
How do we learn languages? Second language acquisition theory, morphology and syntax, semantics, lexis and etymology.

CR4 – Functions, Vocab and Learning Languages
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on teaching functions, vocabulary lessons and how we learn languages.  

M26 – Assessment and Testing
Performance-based assessment tools, assessment theory and practice, and teaching English for exams.

M27 – Classroom confidence
Getting ready to teach, Personal Learning Networks (PLNs), building confidence and feeling comfortable in the classroom environment.

M28 – The World of EFL
Teaching around the world, a brief history of EFL, finding work and TESOL contracts, CV/resume help and suggestions, passing TESOL interviews, advantages and disadvantages of working online.

CR5 – Assessment, Testing and Getting Started in TESOL
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on assessment and testing theory, the world of EFL and confidence in the classroom.  

M29 – Advanced Class Management 1
Different classroom configurations, how to optimise your class for group, pair and individual work, diversity, individual learning strategies and examples.

M30 – Advanced Class Management 2
How we teach beginners, simplifying language, modelling and backchaining. Teaching mixed ability groups, differentiating and measuring aims.

M31 – Advanced Assessment: Methods and Tools
What makes assessment valid and reliable?  Different assessment tools and methods that can be effective for all learners.

M32 – Independent Online Teaching 1
How to become a successful independent online English teacher, different platforms, materials and interactive whiteboards, how to plan for online groups or individuals.

M33 – Independent Online Teaching 2
Giving successful trial English lessons and how to find new students.

M34 – Working for Online Companies
Pros and cons of working for online companies vs. teaching independently, a look at the top online companies to work for.

M35 – Introduction to Professional Development
How we learn and grow as teachers? ELT’s changing attitude towards professional development and tools for self-evaluation for ongoing learning.

CR6 – Level 4 Review
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on advanced class management, independent online English teaching and professional development.  

M36 – Introduction to Phonetics
Introduction to speech production mechanisms, 26 letters and 45 sounds.

M37 – How we Articulate Sounds
Voiced and unvoiced consonants, minimal pairs, voicing, plosives and continuants fortis and lenis. Points of articulation, plosives, fricatives and approximants, phonology.

M38 – Vowels
Vowel mapping, vowel variation, short and long vowels, variations and quality.

M39 – Diphthongs
Three categories of diphthongs, closing and centring diphthongs.

M40 – Sentence Stress 1
Elision, Strong and weak forms, rules and help for learners.

M41 – Intonation
Why intonation is important, different functions of intonation, pitch and tone.

M42 – Sentence Stress 2
Stress and rhythm, assimilation and liaison, teaching a stress-timed language.

LP3 – Phonetics Lesson Plan
Create a lesson plan to help learners improve their pronunciation.

CR7 – Phonetics Review
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on phonetics and pronunciation.

M43 – Introduction to linguistics
Definition of linguistics, differ types of linguistics.

M44 – History of linguistics
Language teaching history and development, from generative theory to the communicative approach.

M45 – Sociolinguistics
Multilingual speech communities, language variation and domination, register and diglossia, code switching, language and power, gender and taboo.

M46 – Applied Linguistics
Introduction to AL, definition, pragmatics, classroom vs. real world learning, social medial and online learning, digital residents and visitors.

CR8 – Linguistics Review
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on aspects of linguistics. 

M47 – Inclusion in TESOL
Helping learners who struggle or who have a SEND (e.g. ASD, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia), how these present in the classroom, tips, tools and practical guidance for support.

M48 – Advanced Assessment 1
Why assessment is important, summative and formative assessment, washback and ‘teaching for the test’, assessment for learning and assessment of learning, designing tests, peer and self-assessment

M49 – Advanced Assessment 2
IELTS in depth – what it is and how we teach it effectively, tips, suggestions and ideas for helping your students succeed at this international exam.

M50 – Professional Online Teaching
Zoom tips and suggestions to enhance online teaching, including the chat function, breakout rooms, sharing screens and using images and video creatively. Create an online lesson plan.

M51 – Professional Development 2
How we become reflective teachers, moving on to current issues around ethics in ELT, including learner assessment, the bilingual education vs ESL debate, learner identity and AI in TESOL.

CR9 – Level 5 Review
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on professional development, professional online teaching, advanced assessment and inclusion in ELT.

Final Assignment
Write a 1500 word summary essay on one of the areas from the Level 5 course. 

CC – Course conclusion
Course review and steps towards certification


Sign up Now for the 250 Hour Level 5 proefssional Diploma aimed at prospective teachers who are career-minded and want a deeper understanding of English, teaching, and a superior qualification. 

Interactive price: £346.50

(including a 30% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

Student Comments

The information was given in small informative chunks. There was nothing extra/unnecessary to waste your time on. I loved working using a student dashboard, it's approachable, quick and convenient to use!
Yuliya Axanova

A well structured course with material of a very high standard, which was very clear and informative. Communication with Global English was always straightforward and any emails replied to promptly. The assignments were challenging and always marked and returned in very good time, with helpful comments and suggestions. All in all, a very enjoyable course and one from which I felt I benefited greatly. I look forward now to studying a further course with Global English, such as teaching business English, and to doing some teaching. Thank you to all concerned!
Petra Firkins

The quality of everything provided by Global English truly blew me away. All contact was personalised and always accurate(it was amazing just how much relevant information everyone at Global English knew about me, from personal interests to current goals/plans), and I would always finish reading everything from GE with a huge smile on my face. The course was brilliantly thorough and informative without overloading me with unnecessary information. The website is always being updated with news of careers and improvements. Everything was absolutely balanced to perfection and I wouldn't change a thing. 
Tatiana Parshina

The module 5 was really interesting and useful. Once again an amazingly clear helpful, well thought out study booklet. I  have used some ideas from it with my students. In particular my studies gave me inspiration as to how best to help a Cantonese year 8  deaf student! I  used the online phonemic chart for him and the “shwa” exercises, too with most of my students. I then printed the chart and highlighted with a red pen any problem areas. When my headmistress needed feedback on the deaf pupil’s progress I had organs of speech chart /”shwa” exercises and annotated phonemic chart print out already in the pupils file to show her. She was amazed and delighted!
Rosemary Edney

I can't believe I'm almost there to be honest... Though I have to say I am so glad that I went for the advanced level. The information this level gives just takes you to a different level of teaching. It is so inspirational. I actually have 3 students already and my own teaching model. All this extra learning adds to the level of professionalism...and really adds a lot of weight to your credibility. And confidence of course when you are a newbie like me :-)
Lynn Taylor

Great clarity: the reader knows what is being presented, why, and what is expected from them, and where they are in relation to everything else in the course - clear well-thought out progression

The course contains super visual reinforcement of concepts through YouTube videos that are normally real 'live' teaching situations. There is continual encouragement for 'Further Research' for those wishing to go a bit deeper / build up their teaching material/examples, as well as many original teaching ideas.

There is continual support and reassurance and students are always clear how many points are awarded for a certain tasks.
Deputy Chair of the ACTDEC Independent Accreditation Panel:
Ian Marvin BA(Jt Hons), MA(ELT) 



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Sign up Now for the 250 Hour Level 5 proefssional Diploma aimed at prospective teachers who are career-minded and want a deeper understanding of English, teaching, and a superior qualification. 

Interactive price: £346.50

(including a 30% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.


It is an enormous TESOL world for those with the skills, confidence and a solid, TESOL certificate behind them. A Global English PDF certificate is awarded upon successful completion (included in the course fee). All GE TESOL PDF certificates include a student certificate number, as well as logos of the accrediting bodies ACTDEC and ISO.  

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An optional ACTDEC Level 5 certificate is also available upon successful course completion

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Sign up Now for the 250 Hour Level 5 proefssional Diploma aimed at prospective teachers who are career-minded and want a deeper understanding of English, teaching, and a superior qualification. 

Interactive price: £346.50

(including a 30% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

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Course Description

Our online interactive courses are innovative and take a fresh approach to training to teach English. 

With modules that you can take on a computer (notebook/laptop or PC/Mac) or on a tablet device (ipad/android/windows etc.), this course offers full flexibility for training on the go. After watching an initial welcome video, you can dive straight in to the course or pick and choose the order of the modules that you work through.

There is access to a personal tutor who will mark your work and the opportunity to share teaching ideas on the Global English forum, all via your own student area.

There is easy access to the further research section in each module all in one place, as you explore the hundreds of TEFL website links we have found for you to take your knowledge further.

Built in HTML5, you can take this course from anywhere with a good internet connection.  You will also need to be able to access YouTube videos from where you are located.

Soft copy modules of selected units are available for a small additional fee. 

Sign up Now for the 250 Hour Level 5 proefssional Diploma aimed at prospective teachers who are career-minded and want a deeper understanding of English, teaching, and a superior qualification. 

Interactive price: £346.50

(including a 30% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

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