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30 hour Teaching Business English

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30 hour Teaching Business English

This course is for you if you are looking to add a business qualification to any Global English TEFL/TESOL course, or are already trained (with either weekend, online or CELTA course) and want to add a business specialism. 

It's free this month with any 150-hr TESOL or 250-hr Advanced TESOL course purchased. 



  • Interactive price: £95.00

    Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

Completely updated for 2017, this is a must for any new or existing EFL teacher who wants to gain a valuable specialism in teaching Business English and increase their earning potential. It comes with guidance from an experienced personal tutor, a specialist business teaching certificate upon completion and access to the Global English TESOL student forum all included.

Ideal if:

  • you're looking to get TEFL qualified and would like an additional business certificate
  • you’re already TEFL qualified and want to specialise in business
  • some of your teaching is likely to be with one-to-one adults or to business people
  • you’d like to be more confident when teaching business English 
  • you are looking for specialist business English lesson materials and fresh ideas for your business classroom

Why this course

With specific sections on teaching 1-1, course design, teaching the basic skills for business and functional English, you’ll have the opportunity to create tailor-made lessons for your business students.

Written by EFL professionals with a wealth of experience in planning and delivering practical Business English classes, this course gives insight into valuable teaching techniques and provides useful material and lesson ideas for a wide range of business based activities. There is also a section on the use of the Internet and IT in the EFL classroom, as well as links to websites where you can find a some of the best internet resources for teaching Business English. 

How this interactive course works

This course is ideal if you’ve got a good broadband connection and can work entirely online via a tablet/PC/Mac. You’ll complete interactive exercises, create lesson plans and view video and graphics that bring the course to life. 


This 8 module course is approx. 30 study hours and typically take between 3-4 weeks to complete but you can go faster or slower than that if you wish. Because many of our trainees are balancing work/life commitments, we go at your speed and allow up to six months for course completion, far longer than many other online courses. 


This course is for existing EFL teachers who wish to enhance their career and learn more about teaching in this specialised area of Business English. However, it's also suitable to take alongside another Global English course if you are training to become an EFL teacher. 

Our courses are open to all native and non-native English speakers over 17 years old with good written and spoken English. If you are a non-native English speaker, please see the course eligibility requirements on our FAQ page. Remember you can always ask us if you are not sure about your level of English. 

We also welcome application from schools wishing to train their teachers in-house. Please contact us for more information.

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Price £195.00 £295.00 £295.00 £295.00 £315.00 £395.00 £395.00 £395.00 £140.00 £140.00 £140.00 £50.00 £170-£190
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Content General English General English + Young Learners General English + Business General English + 1-2-1 General English General English + Young Learners General English + Business General English + 1-2-1 Business Young Learners One to One Grammar General
Certificate Yes. ACTDEC YES. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. GE Yes. GE Yes. GE Yes. GE Yes. 20 or 28 hour
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