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This page outlines terms and conditions for enrolment onto Global English TESOL courses and advertising jobs on the Global English TESOL jobs board.

If you are an employer wishing to post a job, please scroll down to view:
B. Global English TESOL Terms and Conditions for Employers.


A. Global English TESOL Courses Terms and Conditions for enrolment  

Application for enrolment onto a Global English TESOL course or teaching practice programme or purchase of a product through our website is seen as acceptance of the following terms. Please read the following information carefully.

1.    Company - The name and address of the supplier is Global English TESOL Courses, Senate Court, Southernhay Gardens, Exeter EX 1 1NT, UK. To correspond with Global English, or in the event of any complaint, please contact us at the above address or by email at info@global-english.com. Our office hours are 09.00 – 17.00 GMT Monday to Friday.

2.    Enrolment - acceptance onto all Global English TESOL courses is at the discretion of our employees and dependent on individual course eligibility requirements. Should an applicant be deemed unsuitable or not appropriately qualified, the prospective application will not be completed and an explanation will be given as to the reasons for non-acceptance. In this instance any course fees will be refunded less processing fee of 10%. 

3.    Pricing - Global English TESOL Courses provides TEFL/TESOL online courses and a variety of associated products and experiences.

We accept payment in various currencies and via as many payment options as possible to make our courses accesible to a global audience. Where appropriate, all taxes are included in the prices displayed. Online course prices can vary from country to country depending on regulation and country specific charges.

4.    Additional costs and fees - We may recommend the purchase of some books for help with the course and beyond. The trainee meets the costs of book purchase, although our recommended reading list is kept to a minimum. Additional certificates and products are also available at prices stated on our website. Transfers, exchanges and refunds are not permitted on products purchased through our TEFL Shop.

5.    Method of payment 

a. Online - On the secure enrolment form via our website we accept MasterCard, Visa Credit and Debit card payments in all 7 currencies and American Express (GBP and USD only).  If choosing to pay online, a confirmation receipt will be sent via automated email. This details the date, delivery details, type of course, payment type and amount.

b. We also accept payment via Paypal and cryptocurrency,  Please contact us for details.

d. We accept payment for training by institutions, government agencies or companies. Contact us in info@global-english.com if you require an invoice to be raised for your course. Payment must be received in full before course commencement.

6.  Payment by instalment - we regret we do not accept payment by instalment for products or courses. 

7. Cooling off period and course transfers -

a) Courses - if trainees have purchased the course through the Global English TESOL website direct: trainees may receive a full refund providing a refund request is received by Global English TESOL Courses in writing by email to info@global-english.com within 14 days of course registration, if they have not commenced the course (deemed as submitting a module for marking on an offline course or completed the course introduction module on an interactive course, or submitted an assignment for marking by a tutor). Trainees within the 14 day refund period can expect a full refund without stating a reason for the return. Refunds are normally issued within 7 days of notification and made in the manner of the initial payment, less any charges or fees incurred through bank transfers to non-sterling accounts. Course time commences when the registration is received by Global English.

b) Courses - transfers between offline and interactive versions

Trainees are permitted to transfer between an offline and interactive course version providing:

i) The course has both interactive and offline versions available

ii) No questions that require marking by a tutor have been submitted prior to transfer request

iii) Payment is made to reflect the difference in price if new course price is higher

iv) Transfers take place within 14 days of course registration

If the price of the course being transferred to is lower, the difference in price will be refunded, less a £25 or other currency administration fee.

Transfers between different courses are not permitted. 

If you purchase via a 3rd party site: course refunds are subject to the stated terms on the 3rd party site at time of purchase.

8. Personal Tutor - access to a personal tutor is provided for help with the online courses. The personal tutor can be contacted via one or more of the following - telephone, Skype, email or messaging through our website. Your tutor will send a welcome message to your student dashboard page, usually within 24 hours of your enrolment.  

9.   Receiving your course

a) offline courses – trainees will be sent an automated message with a password to access their student login area via the student login page on our website. Trainees download the study booklets and answer booklets for Modules 1 and 2 straightaway from their dashboard along with the ‘Essential Course Information' booklet, containing all course rules. Trainees write their responses in the Microsoft Word answer booklet and then upload it to their dashboard when ready. Course tutors will return work via the dashboard when marked with a score and feedback, usually within 3 working days. All further study booklets become available for download once Module 1 has been passed.

The tutor reserves the right to withhold a grade on a module where sufficient learning has not been demonstrated. In this case trainees may be asked to rewrite their answers so a grade can be awarded. This is only at the discretion of the tutor. All modules have to be completed at least 50% pass for a certificate to be awarded.

b) interactive courses – trainees on the interactive courses have a mix of auto-assessed and tutor-assessed responses. Essential course information is contained in the course introduction module, which sets out the course rules.

Trainees answer questions via their browser, which are marked by the tutor and returned usually within 1 working day. The tutor reserves the right to withhold a mark on a question where sufficient learning has not been demonstrated or use of English is not sufficient and impedes understanding.

Once all modules are completed, a final grade is awarded based the total number of marks gained, divided by the total number of possible marks for the course. Grades given for the final Global English TESOL Courses certificates are either Pass with Distinction, Pass with Merit or Pass. Note that interactiv courses are not available for download but there is a facility to print individual screens to build your own file of offline materials.

10. Online course rules - trainees may work together, comparing notes and exchanging ideas, but identical or near identical answers to longer questions (such as lesson plans, essays and free form answers) will not be permitted.

In the event of copying, we reserve the right to ask the respective students to resubmit work which is their own and not the same or nearly identical to another person’s work. Failure to comply with this rule will result in removal from the course itself and all course fees will be forfeited.

When citing work from other sources, appropriate reference should be made to the author and publication of the original work. Work that is copied whole and intact from other sources or is plagiarised will not be accepted. Failure to comply with Global English TESOL Courses rules on copying and plagiarism will result in removal from the course itself and all course fees will be forfeited.

11.  Course completion, time extension and certification – students have a limited time of to complete their course from the date of registration, as outlined on the course registration page for each course. On successful completion of the course, trainees will receive the appropriate Global English TESOL certificate. Where appropriate, course extensions can be purchased via the student login page.  Should a trainee need more time to complete a course, extensions of 15 days, 30 days, 90 days and 180 days are available via the dashboard page.  In extreme circumstances, trainees may apply direct to the office for an extension fee waiver. Applications for fee waivers are reviewed on a case by case basis. 

Where candidates have let their course time lapse, permission is needed from Global English TESOL before further time extensions are booked. Global English TESOL reserves the right to discontinue support for older versions of our courses.

12. Access to the course materials post-completion

a) Offline version:  since all coursework is completed and stored on the trainee’s computer trainees have access to their marked course work post-completion.  

b) Interactive version: students will only be able to access their course material for the stated duration of each specific course. 

13. Spotlight Live TESOL

a) Trainees must complete the pre-sessional modules before attending their Zoom session. While the pre-sessional course covers some technical Zoom aspects, it is the trainee’s responsibility to ensure they have the requisite equipment i.e. PC or Mac with webcam and microphone and the ability to screen share,  internet stability and technical capacity to join the session, along with a working knowledge of Zoom on their particular device.

b) Trainees must obey the house rules in the live Zoom session. You are expected to:

  1. Be appropriate and respectful in speech and conduct towards others. To message the tutor or moderator through the chat facility if you need to leave for any reason.
  2. Not record the session without prior permission from the tutor or moderator.
  3. Not eat or move around. Please be focused on the screen with as few distractions as possible (but drinking a cup of your favourite beverage is fine).
  4. Mute themselves in the main session when they are not speaking, to avoid background noise form distracting the group. Trainees are expected to know how to do this before the live session. 

Trainees who do not follow the above rules risk their Zoom session and course access being terminated with no certification or refund.

c) Cancellation, postponement or inability to connect to the live Zoom session

  1. Trainees can cancel for a full refund within 14 days of purchase as long as they have not started the pre-sessional course.
  2. Trainees who are within 7-14 days of the live Zoom session and who have not started the pre-sessional course can swap dates once upon payment of a £10 Spotlight transfer fee.
  3. There are no refunds or date swaps within 7 days of the live Zoom sessions, except in extreme circumstances and at the discretion of the Course Director.
  4. Trainees struggling to connect to the live Zoom session on the day can phone the office direct on 01392 411999 and we will try to help, but we cannot guarantee support and trainees should consider that if they cannot connect to a session that is running successfully, they will have lost their place.
  5. If for any reason Global English TESOL cannot run a session, then candidates will be offered a full refund or free transfer to an alternative date. 

14. Work opportunities - Global English TESOL trainees are teaching worldwide. However, successful completion of any course does not guarantee employment. Trainees can access information on teaching conditions and opportunities worldwide via our website. Some of this information is provided by Global English TESOL former trainees themselves. This information is general in nature but we are unable to guarantee complete accuracy. It is for general guidance only and does not constitute advice in any way and we strongly advise you to research a country further before travelling abroad to work, particularly regarding work and visa regulations. From time to time, recruiting schools and organisations contact Global English TESOL looking for teachers. We may post details on our web site and/or contact potential trainees who may be interested in these posts. However, these schools are not known to Global English TESOL and we strongly advise you to vet terms and conditions carefully before accepting work.

15.  Website use and links – any unauthorised use of the Global English TESOL website is prohibited.
Information contained within our courses and on our website is for guidance and information only and we are not responsible for any outcomes related to how such information is acted upon.  Our website includes links to other websites, which are provided solely for your information. Global English TESOL does not endorse the linked websites in any way and we accept no responsibility of any kind for content on any other website we link to.

16.  Data Protection - Global English TESOL is registered with the Data Protection Agency. To facilitate certain tasks and communication between ourselves and our trainees, we store some details about enquirers and trainees electronically. These include contact details, grades obtained on any of our courses and details of email correspondence. If you have chosen to pay using the secure web site, note that we do not store debit or credit card details on our databases. We employ firewall and computer virus protection and take all possible steps to safeguard personal data. Corresponding with us by email is seen as acceptance of our data protection policy. For further information, please see our privacy policy.

17.   Complaints procedure - if you have any complaint about any aspect of the service you receive from Global English TESOL, please put your complaint in writing to the Course Director, and send to Global English TESOL at the address given in section 1 above, or via email to our centre. All complaints received in this form are recorded and processed by the department responsible, in accordance with our Quality Policy.

18.    Global English brand – Global English TESOL is a global elearning brand. Transacting with Global English TESOL is seen as acceptance of the terms and conditions here stated and, should a dispute arise, any proceedings are subject to the rules where the dispute arises.



B. Global English TESOL Terms and Conditions for Employers

By using the ‘Global English TESOL’ jobs service you verify that you are authorised to enter into a contract as ‘The Employer’ with Global English TESOL.

The Employer will pay for the publication and promotion of its ‘Teaching Vacancies’ to ‘Applicants’ by ‘Global English TESOL’ according to the ‘Package’ purchased. The Employer agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions which forms the ‘Contract’.

1. Your contract with Global English TESOL

1.1 To use the Global English TESOL jobs service, The Employer will pay the requisite amount to advertise the Teaching Vacancies. The Employer will complete a form with full job description for the Teaching Vacancies and contact details. Global English TESOL will post the Employer’s Teaching Vacancies on the website and will publicise the Teaching Vacancies according to the package purchased.

2. Commencement, termination and right to refuse publishing

2.1  Global English TESOL reserves the right to refuse to publish any Teaching Vacancies for any reason. Any payment from the Employer will be refunded in full in this case and the contract will be terminated immediately.

2.2  The Employer’s contract with Global English TESOL shall:

2.3  Commence upon the publishing of the Teaching Vacancies by Global English TESOL

2.4  Terminate with immediate effect upon any of the following events: (i) Expiry of the Teaching Vacancy, (ii) Email notification from the Employer to remove the Teaching Vacancy (iii) If Global English TESOL suspects there has been false, inaccurate or misleading activity by the Employer or in the information it has provided.

3. The employer services

3.1  Global English TESOL will promote the Teaching Vacancies on behalf of the Employer according to the Package purchased.

3.2  Global English TESOL reserves the right to change copy or add images to improve the quality of the Teaching Vacancy.

3.3 Global English TESOL does not:
(i) Guarantee an uninterrupted service or guarantee that there will be no website downtime
(ii) Guarantee the quality or number of Applicants
(iii) Screen Applicants or verify their qualifications, experience, criminal or health background or suitability for the Teaching Vacancies
(iv) Accept any liability for the behaviour of an Applicant during the hiring process/once in post
(v) Accept any liability for loss or damage that may be a consequence of hiring/not hiring

4. Employer obligations

 The Employer will ensure that:

4.1.  The job specification is accurate in all respects

4. 2 The Employer has the legal right to use images and logos in the publishing of the Job Vacancy

4.3 There is no infringement of any intellectual property or propriety rights of any third party. The Employer agrees to indemnify Global English TESOL against any and all related claims.

4.4. All Applicant data and correspondence is kept secure and confidential

4.5. Full compliance with all applicable health and safety, data protection, tax and employment law, and any other applicable legislation

4.6  The recruitment process is solely the Employer’s responsibility and it is for the Employer to ensure the Applicant is appropriate for the role and meets all legal requirements, including but not limited to, the right to work in the country.

4.7  The interview process does not in any way discriminate on grounds of sex, gender, race, class, age or disability

There will be no reselling of The Global English TESOL jobs service to third parties

5. Complaints and disputes

If you as an employer have any complaint about any aspect of the jobs service from Global English TESOL, please put your complaint in writing to the Course Director, and email to our centre at info@global-english.com. All complaints received in this form are recorded and processed by the department responsible, in accordance with our Quality Policy.  Global English TESOL will seek to offer a reasonable solution within 14 days.

This contract and any disputes arising from it are subject to UK law.

Updated 05-10-2023

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