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Welcome to a fascinating island, where teaching opportunities abound for the enthusiastic adventurer. Formerly one of East Asia's economic ‘tigers’, there is a strong demand for English, so as a TESOL teacher you’ll be made very welcome here.

Taiwan is an excellent first stop for the more adventurous novice teacher. Teaching work is plentiful and it is quite common to be approached to teach English if you stay in any one place for long enough. The students are relaxed and very friendly, although very traditional in their learning methods.  The English language is in great demand as tourism and international business booms, although much of the demand comes from school age children who attend out of school ‘crammer’ schools or ‘bushibans’.

Very few schools advertise outside of the country, primarily for reasons of cost. Generally teaching positions are arranged from within Taiwan or through an agency. However we are seeing an increasing number of advertisements for jobs being placed on the internet, so check out TESOL job websites like (

Tips for teaching English in Taiwan: 

* take the 120-hour TESOL Premier course for Asia
* consider the 30-hour Teaching Business English course for working in Taiwan
* alternatively, if you prefer teaching youngsters, include the 30-hour TEYL course
* consider applying via an agency to compare jobs. Global English TESOL graduates have access to the schools and job agencies listed on our site; many offering return flights, housing allowance and competitive salary.

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