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France is one of the most popular destinations for Global English TESOL graduates and despite the willingness of the French to cling to their language and culture, there are real opportunities for teaching English in France.

Opportunities abound to teach young learners, adults, business English and to teach English online. The government stipulates that French companies provide vocational training for staff and English is often what is chosen, hence the demand for business English. The French learn English at school but it is usually to pass an exam and so fluency is a real issue.

Schools tend to recruit on a zero hour contract and rely on walk-ins and so you will need to be in place in the main to secure work. Freelancing is the norm and you can expect to earn €15-€30 Euros per hour depending on whether you are teaching specialist English and where you are in the country.

Tips for teaching English in France:

Since so many of our graduates teach English in France, we have gathered a lot of great information. 

* choose the 150-hour TESOL Premier Plus course for Europe
* consider adding a 30-hour Business English course as this specialism is very much in demand

Read in-depth interviews from our TESOL graduates, such as Maggie Asquith, who have invaluable advice on living and teaching English in France. 

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