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Japan generally represents the more lucrative end of the market for TESOL teachers. Demand is high, salaries generally good although wages have been static for a few years, prospects for even the novice teacher are good.

Some favourable conditions can still be found including one-year renewable contracts, holidays and sometimes flights and help with accommodation. Should you decide to try and obtain work from inside Japan however, you may need deep pockets. Because although you may secure a better contract for yourself, in the short term you will need a fair amount of money to tide you over.

This is because the cost of living is very high, particularly in the main cities. That said, many EFL teachers comment on good quality of life they enjoy on their salaries. It is possible to live quite well, enjoy a social life and travel to within Asia on the generally minimum EFL wage. Added to this, Japan appeals because it is considered relatively safe, with a clean, efficient transport system, when compared with other popular EFL destinations. The country has an exciting culture and history and the people are warm and courteous.

While there is a lot of work with young people, Global English TESOL graduates have found great success teaching business English and this is one sector that can welcome non-native English speaking teachers, too.

Tips for teaching English in Japan:

* the Premier 120-hr TESOL for Asia as a basic qualification
* the 30-hour Teaching Business English for Japan
* for better  job prospects, take the Professional 250-hr TESOL 
* Read the helpful comments from our former TESOL course graduates who are working in Japan, such as those from Matthew Bruce, Mike Konig and others here.

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