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Travel & Teach - China


TEFL jobs in China abound, making it ideal for the newly qualified. Indeed, China is biggest English language learning market in the world and it is still growing. Demand often outstrips supply and so, if you are a native English speaker with a degree and TESOL, then you will likely have your pick of English teaching jobs in China.

School students learn English as part of the curriculum and are generally thought to be very friendly and welcoming to foreigners although you may have to moderate your more adventurous lesson plans. You may still find that politics and religion are not to be discussed in class and you will need to be prepared for large student numbers, perhaps accompanied by less than adequate resources.

In an effort to attract teachers from abroad, you can often expect a housing allowance, return flights, paid holidays and medical benefits. You should certainly be able to live well by local standards and even save money.

Expect more perks and a higher salary with more experience.

Tips for teaching English in China: 

* take the 120-hour TESOL Premier course for Asia
* consider the 30-hour Teaching Business English course for working in China
* alternatively, if you prefer teaching youngsters, include the 30-hour TEYL course
* it may be possible to find teaching with a shorter UK-based weekend/3 day course
* consider applying via an agency to compare jobs. Global English TESOL graduates have access to the schools and job agencies listed on our site; many offering return flights, housing allowance and competitive salary.

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