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Travel & Teach - China

Travel and Teach

Teaching positions for China appear just about everywhere on the internet at the moment. A degree is almost a necessity (there appear to be some provinces in rural schools where lack of a degree is not an issue but such schools are hard to find).  Demand is very high and there are millions of English language learners in China, so it is an ideal first destination.

Prospects are excellent for teachers trying to arrange work prior to travelling. While you do read 'horror stories' applying via an agency usually helps as there are plenty of schools to choose from and they can advise on location and schools, depending on your preferences.

One such organisation contacted us recently requesting over 1000 teachers!

If you are well organised and are able to secure a position and sign a contract before your departure for China, you may be able to obtain a long-term work visa from the appropriate Chinese Embassy or Consulate (details in Useful Contacts). You will also require a medical certificate to secure this. However most people enter China on a tourist visa and rely on the work institute to arrange the necessary permits. Most foreigners who are working as teachers are given a document (sometimes referred to as a Foreign Experts card), that provides discounts at hotels and tourist attractions. The idea is that as a worker you will then pay the same price as the Chinese and not the inflated prices charged to tourists. Conservative dress for interviews and teaching is recommended. You might find the guide to writing your CV on our site quite helpful here. 

A Foreign Teacher can expect to benefit from 3 to 4 weeks of paid holiday each year. Although the teaching week may seem short (16 hours of teacher contact) beware; large classes, additional marking and other responsibilities (such as delivering lectures on life in the West) may also be expected.

Our recommended course options for China are:

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