I'm Indian and Teach English in China

I'm Indian and Teach English in China

Indian national Priti shares her success story - securing a job teaching English in China. We asked her more about the process and for advice on teaching prospects for those considered non-native English speakers.


Hi Priti - please tell us more about you and why you chose a TESOL course

I’m Priti Rai and I am from India. I have a master’s degree in education from Andrews University, Michigan, US. I chose the Global English TESOL course because I thought it genuine and helpful for me and also because it is recognized. I had already contacted Louisa three years ago regarding TEFL jobs and she answered all my queries.

Why did you apply to teach English in China?

I had always wanted to teach English, but my first preference was Japan. However I didn’t get through the interviews, so I thought of China.  Since I had the Global English level 4 TESOL, I was offered many interview options and I passed two interviews.


Who are you working for and what was the interview process like?

I have secured a job working as a language instructor with Sunshine Foreign Language Institute, Mudanjiang city in Heilongjiang province, China. I will be teaching English to kids and also to adults in a language school.

The process of interviewing was different from Japan and India: after an initial interview, the first round was with the agency, then I was required to make a 5 minute video and send it to them. Then, after the video round I was given a final interview with the school. And then I signed the contract.


How did you manage to get a visa to teach legally? We understand it is difficult for those classed as non-native English speakers?

I got the z visa from China. My employer in China sent me the work permit and I applied for the visa from India. One of the requirements for this job was that my degree should be from the US or UK. Since I had a US degree it was easier for me to get this job. However, some other interviewers didn’t mention this requirement as long as you have a good spoken English and a non-Indian accent.


What is your advice to other non-native English speakers who are thinking of doing a TESOL course with us?

I have been teaching for 5 years now, but I learnt a lot more when I did TESOL with Global English. The course is very helpful for other countries too. My advice to non-native speakers is definitely go for this course and believe that you can do it. During my interviews I was able to answer many questions about teaching methods because of this course. It was also cost-effective way to obtain recognized certification.


Good luck, Priti - and keep in touch.

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The Global English Team

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  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: 10/04/2018

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I'm Indian and Teach English in China