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  • 150 hours of accredited level 4 course material & video
  • Personal, dedicated tutor support
  • 180 days of course access from registration
  • Teaching English online modules & online teaching resources included
  • Engage with others on the student forum 
  • Assistance with CV/Resume and access to our jobs board
  • Free GE TESOL 150-hour PDF certificate on completion
  • Prestigious ACTDEC Level 4 certificate available for extra fee
  • Study online from tablet/computer or mobile device
  • Option to upgrade to the TESOL Professional 250 hour ACTDEC Level 5 course  



  • You want a superior qualification from an internationally accredited course provider
  • You desire better employment prospects than the standard 120-hour course 
  • You want more teaching expertise and confidence for teaching in-class or online

Advanced TESOL 150 hours Level 4 course

Stand out from the TESOL crowd with this accredited 150 Hour Level 4 course qualification, specially designed to boost your skills and confidence. 


Interactive price: £148.50

(including a 70% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

More skills, greater depth to help you find better jobs and increased TESOL earnings.

An accredited TESOL training course to help you get noticed by employers with a qualification well above the standard 120 hours.  Cover essential areas in more depth, enjoy more tutor feedback and become a better teacher.

This course is for you if you want to:

  • qualify with a Level 4, 150-hour TESOL certificate
  • improve your appeal to employers*
  • boost your confidence and skills with more training and depth

Enjoy 24/7 course access - working at your own pace with personal tutor support for feedback, marking and guidance.

Top quality training

If you want your qualification to stand out from the typical 120-hour TESOL, this is for you.  
We cover all the 120-hour TESOL material, but in addition, you’ll dive into more depth in these areas:

  • online English teaching - learning how to set up as an independent online English teacher
  • advanced classroom management - so you’ll know how to teach different levels
  • learner assessment - showing you how to effectively manage student progress
  • professional development - helping to ensure you keep moving on in your career post-course.

New revised and updated course content has been created in line with ACTDEC Level 4 requirements for 2023. 

Introducing our new ‘notes’ feature, so you can customise your learning by making meaningful comments on material that you can reflect on later. Enjoy tutor feedback and support and regular course time reminders to help keep you on track. 

Opinion matters

With over 25 years' experience in TESOL training, what do people say about Global English?

“A very good course covering wide field, with excellent practical examples of how to teach a concept. The course also gave me so many resources and links to other websites, which assist me in my teaching career on a daily basis.”
Anna Marias, GE 150 hour course graduate

For more course reviews, see Student Comments.


Open to native and non-native English speakers over 17 years old with good written and spoken English. If you are a non-native English speaker, please see the course eligibility requirements on our FAQ page. Remember you can always ask us if you are not sure about your level of English. 

A reliable internet connection is required since this course operates over an interactive platform. PC/Mac/Tablet compatible.


Typically, this course can take between 6-8 weeks to complete, but we go at your pace and you have 180 days access to this course for maximum flexibility. Everything you need to complete your course and gain your certificate is included in the one fee above.

However, check out these optional extras:

  • additional time course extensions available if you need access beyond 180 days
  • Global English TESOL printed and embossed certificate posted to you 
  • opportunity to upgrade to Level 5 through a further step-up course  

Optional ACTDEC Level 4 PDF certificate available upon successful completion 

This course blends perfectly with any other specialist TESOL courses, for an additional 10% discount. 

* Please note, a TESOL certificate alone may not grant you access to EFL jobs online or overseas. Employers may wish to see a degree and/or have certain nationality requirements. See our course destinations pages for more. 


TESOL Advanced Course 150 hours - course content 

This level 4 ACTDEC-accredited course covers all the material in the new 2023 ACTDEC syllabus, across 35 interactive modules, each with a range of tutor-assessed and computer-assessed questions. There are six 'stop and reflect' sections, one essay and two lesson plans. 

M1 Introduction to TESOL
What is ELT? Introduction to English language teaching, the ELT industry and qualities of a good teacher.

M2 Reasons for learning English
Wants and needs of adult, young learners, classroom and online students.

M3 Classroom Management 1
Traditional vs. communicative classrooms, classroom layouts, basic class planning, online classrooms, needs analysis and managing student expectations.

M4 Classroom Management 2
Getting lessons started with engagement activities, group work and pair work, student motivation and discipline in the classroom.

M5 Classroom Management 3
Classroom sensitivity and the importance of learning consolidation through homework.

M6 Classroom Management 4
Spoken and written correction - how to correct students and encourage them to learn from their mistakes, how to make corrections effectively when teaching online.

Essay on Classroom Management
Write a summary essay of the main features of classroom management covered so far.

CR1 - Classroom Management
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on classroom management.

M7 Levels
Teaching at different levels and how to judge the level of your learners

M8 Materials
Selecting materials for classroom-based teaching and online teaching, the major ELT publishers and best free or subscription-based online teaching websites.

M9 Lesson Planning
Creating effective classroom and online lesson plans that help learners develop their English ability. A sample lesson plan for a classroom-based lesson.

M10 Skills Lessons – Reading
Language acquisition and planning reading-focused lessons, with pre-teaching, concept and comprehension questions, controlled and free practice activities, aims and objectives.

M11 – Skills Lessons – Writing
Different ideas for helping learners develop their written English ability, semi-controlled and free writing, project or topic-based lessons.

M12 – Skills Lessons – Listening
The different stages of a listening lesson, ideas and materials for listening lessons, including songs and activities for both adults and young learners.

M13 – Skills Lessons – Speaking
How to give effective speaking lessons, including fluency, themed conversation-based lessons, and pronunciation, including consonant clusters and similar vowel sounds.

LP1 – Skills Lesson Plan
Create a lesson plan for either a reading or speaking lesson.

CR2 - Skills Lessons
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on teaching the basic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

M14 – Language Awareness
Develop your knowledge of how the English language works. Examine the structure and components of English in order to be able to teach more effectively.

M15 – Getting Started with Grammar
Discover how to teach basic English grammar, including verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs and other basic building blocks of our language.

M16 – Present Tense
How to teach the verb ‘to be’, the present simple and continuous forms, with easy teaching lesson ideas.

M17 – Past Tense
How to teach the past simple and continuous, regular and irregular forms with a sample past tense grammar lesson.

M18 – Auxiliary Verbs
Using Do, Does and Did as auxiliary verbs in sentences and questions.

M19 – Future Forms
Using different future forms to make predictions, talk about plans and instant decisions, making arrangements and speaking about timetabled events in English.

M20 – Passive Voice
Difference between active and passive voice, how passive voice is used and ideas for teaching it.

M21 – Perfect Tense
Present perfect simple and continuous form and uses, past perfect and future perfect with examples, exercises and tips for teaching. 

LP2 - Grammar Lesson Plan
Create a lesson plan for the revision of the past simple and present perfect simple.

M22 – Conditional Forms
Teaching the first, second, third and zero conditional, lesson plan guidance and samples.

CR3 - English Grammar
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on teaching grammar.

M23 – Teaching Vocabulary
Lexis and storage, learning new language semantically, antonyms and synonyms, sample lesson plan for teaching vocabulary.

M24 – Functional English and Modal Verbs
Teaching function lessons, including requests, offers, permission, suggestions, obligation and advice.

M25 – Language Structure and Acquisition
How do we learn languages? Second language acquisition theory, morphology and syntax, semantics, lexis and etymology.

CR4 – Functions, Vocab and Learning Languages
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on teaching functions, vocabulary lessons and how we learn languages.  

M26 – Assessment and Testing
Performance-based assessment tools, assessment theory and practice, and teaching English for exams.

M27 – Classroom confidence
Getting ready to teach, Personal Learning Networks (PLNs), building confidence and feeling comfortable in the classroom environment.

M28 – The World of EFL
Teaching around the world, a brief history of EFL, finding work and TESOL contracts, CV/resume help and suggestions, passing TESOL interviews, advantages and disadvantages of working online.

CR5 – Assessment, Testing and Getting Started in TESOL
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on assessment and testing theory, the world of EFL and confidence in the classroom.  

M29 – Advanced Class Management 1
Different classroom configurations, how to optimise your class for group, pair and individual work, diversity, individual learning strategies and examples.

M30 – Advanced Class Management 2
How we teach beginners, simplifying language, modelling and backchaining. Teaching mixed ability groups, differentiating and measuring aims.

M31 – Advanced Assessment: Methods and Tools
What makes assessment valid and reliable?  Different assessment tools and methods that can be effective for all learners.

M32 – Independent Online Teaching 1
How to become a successful independent online English teacher, different platforms, materials and interactive whiteboards, how to plan for online groups or individuals.

M33 – Independent Online Teaching 2
Giving successful trial English lessons and how to find new students.

M34 – Working for Online Companies
Pros and cons of working for online companies vs. teaching independently, a look at the top online companies to work for.

M35 – Introduction to Professional Development
How we learn and grow as teachers? ELT’s changing attitude towards professional development and tools for self-evaluation for ongoing learning.

CR6 – Level 4 Review
Opportunity to engage in reflective learning on advanced class management, independent online English teaching and professional development.  

CC – Course conclusion
Course review and steps towards certification

Stand out from the TESOL crowd with this accredited 150 Hour Level 4 course qualification, specially designed to boost your skills and confidence. 


Interactive price: £148.50

(including a 70% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

Student Comments

"This has been an excellent and convenient way of getting my teaching qualifications while being able to continue my other work."
William Powys

"I found the course content very relevant and practical. It enabled me to build up a portfolio of lesson plans and activities. I was very impressed with how quickly marked papers were sent back to me."
Rachael Sargeant

"Now that I've had some time to go through your comments and suggestions on my final module, I'd just like to say a big thank you for all of your help and support over the past few months.  I'm delighted to have completed my course, and am looking forward to "pastures new" when I start teaching my first class next week. 

I have to say that I've been very pleased with the quality of service and level of support that I have received from everyone at Global English, and that you (Martin) have been an exceptional tutor.  I can't thank you enough for your prompt answers to my queries, helpful suggestions and comments, and also your book recommendations.  You have helped me to grow as a teacher, and I have some useful teaching resources for future use."
Carol King

"The content was great. I had very little idea of the techniques for instructing students. This course really helped me understand how much more complex the process is than simply dumping information on them."
Dylan Littler

"I found the online (interactive) course ideal for my needs and thoroughly enjoyed learning the material. The tutor provided support and engaged with any queries so I could continue with my progress. The course not only equipped me but also gave me confidence with teaching ESL."
Angie Wheatley

"My TEFL course with you has been very useful and I found work almost immediately after finishing my course. I'm working for Linguish, a company based in Lille, teaching primary aged children both in schools and in their own teaching centre. I really love working with children. I also did a few years teaching adults business English with their other company Excelangues but I prefer teaching kids so this year I'm concentrating on that most of the time."
Clare Branch

"Course was graded well to build confidence as you went through. Lots of short questions to check understanding, but searching lesson plans and essay to do as well."
Kate Stevenson


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Stand out from the TESOL crowd with this accredited 150 Hour Level 4 course qualification, specially designed to boost your skills and confidence. 


Interactive price: £148.50

(including a 70% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.



The Global English TESOL PDF certificate is awarded upon successful completion (included in the course fee). 

All GE TESOL PDF certificates include a student certificate number, as well as logos of the accrediting bodies ACTDEC and ISO.  

A printed, embossed version is also available for an extra fee from our TEFL shop page. 

An optional ACTDEC Level 4 certificate is also available upon successful course completion 

Click on a certificate image below to view a sample certificate (note that the samples don't show student certificate numbers).

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Stand out from the TESOL crowd with this accredited 150 Hour Level 4 course qualification, specially designed to boost your skills and confidence. 


Interactive price: £148.50

(including a 70% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

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Course Description

Our online interactive courses are innovative and take a fresh approach to training to teach English. 

With modules that you can take on a computer (notebook/laptop or PC/Mac) or on a tablet device (ipad/android/windows etc.), this course offers full flexibility for training on the go. After watching an initial welcome video, you can dive straight in to the course or pick and choose the order of the modules that you work through.

There is access to a personal tutor who will mark your work and the opportunity to share teaching ideas on the Global English forum, all via your own student area.

There is easy access to the further research section in each module all in one place, as you explore the hundreds of TEFL website links we have found for you to take your knowledge further.

Built in HTML5, you can take this course from anywhere with a good internet connection.  You will also need to be able to access YouTube videos from where you are located.

Soft copy modules of selected units are available for a small additional fee. 

Stand out from the TESOL crowd with this accredited 150 Hour Level 4 course qualification, specially designed to boost your skills and confidence. 


Interactive price: £148.50

(including a 70% discount - original price: £495.00)

Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

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