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Travel & Teach - Mexico


Mexico is a delightful and welcoming country with a wealth of teaching opportunities. Although there is a slight preference for American English, this is not overwhelming. The key requirements are often native speaker ability and simply being there. Mexico has experienced turbulent economic times which have meant that pay has not always kept up with spiralling inflation. However, this has calmed down over the past few years, although you are still likely to be paid in the local currency, Pesos, rather than American dollars. But do be aware that their value is limited outside of the country. There are also some areas of the country that are not considered particularly safe, so do check out your own government's advice on where to travel. 

English teachers are awarded a high status and there is likely to be demand in even the furthest outpost for your services. You should note that the rainy season lasts from May to October, and when it rains, it really rains. The electric storms over Mexico City as you travel home on the bus at night are spectacular!

From business English to teaching children, to freelancing, the demand to learn English is strong, and you can brush up on your Spanish at the same time.

Tips for teaching English in Mexico: 

* choose the 120-hour TESOL Premier course for Latin America
* the 30-hour Teaching Business English for Mexico
* the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners course 
* alternatively, consider a shorter UK-based weekend/3 day course if you want a quick basic qualification
* view comments from a TESOL graduate teaching English in Mexico 

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