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Travel & Teach - Qatar


Oil and natural gas revenues enable Qatar to have a per capita income not far below the leading industrial countries of Western Europe.  The capital city of Doha is situated on a calm bay halfway along the East Coast of the Qatar peninsula. It is inhabited by 80% of the population and it is the commercial and cultural centre of the country and is where most of the English teaching work takes place. There is a large expat community and more on offer in terms of restaurants, clubs, societies etc. than elsewhere in the region. The medium of instruction in schools is now English.

It should be remembered that Qatar is an Islamic state, although the laws that govern everyday social interaction are more relaxed in comparison to other countries in the region, such as Saudi Arabia. 

Tips for teaching English in Qatar:

* choose the 250-hour TESOL Level 5 Advanced course >> for the Middle East
* consider adding a 30-hour Business TESOL >> as this specialism is very much in demand
* dress for business and present a professional CV/resume >>
* ask any contacts you have in Qatar to find out about working opportunities there  

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Anne-Marie Froud

My husband and I re-located to Qatar 10 months ago and settled into the relaxed lifestyle very quickly. The only stressful thing in Doha is the driving. The rules are there are no rules. Public Transport is non existent but taxis and limousines are widely available and very reasonably priced.

Doha is expanding massively and with the Asia games being held here in 2006, there are buildings going up, right, left and centre. The cost of living is around the same as in the UK. However I would recommend anyone coming to live here makes sure their accommodation is included in their package as rent is very expensive, with a 2 bedroom apartment costing around 7000 Riyals per month (approx. 1000 GBP).
In my opinion Qatar is ideal for families and couples, but there is not a lot on the social scene for single people. Most single people are here to save money and this is a stepping stone.

I have not taught any EFL as yet, but I am currently studying the Global English Level 2 TESOL course. My plan is to set up Tutoring Courses for both Adults and Children from home. You can earn between 15GBP to 30GBP (tax free) per hour for private tutoring. I aim to do both group lessons and private tutoring.

The TESOL course is fantastic for me as I have a 2 month old baby, therefore I can study and tutor from home and will also be able to pick the hours I work. I cannot wait to get started and look forward to a long and successful EFL career.

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Travel and Teach

Since tax free salaries of up to 4000 USD per month are on offer, along with accommodation and flight allowance, you can expect that competition for English teaching jobs in Qatar is high. As a result, you will usually need a degree, further qualifications (such as a PGCE for international schools) or MA as well as a good TESOL qualification. Therefore Qatar is not usually the destination for the typical TEFL newbie, unless that is, you are already in the region.

If applying from abroad, try the Internet first. You are more likely to find positions advertised through websites such as  www.tefl.com. The majority of jobs advertised are for experienced and qualified mainstream teachers to teach in state schools,  international schools and vocational schools. However, there are a number of private academies which offer opportunities for degree educated EFL teachers with a good TESOL qualification and experience. 

If you are a spouse of an expat. worker, it should not be too difficult to pick up some local work.  The British Council has a teaching centre in Doha (see Useful Contacts) and they may be able to advise on names and addresses of local schools and colleges that have an EFL teaching requirement.

It is not advisable to travel to the Middle East and find work on spec, although you can gain entry to Qatar on a tourist visa. It should be fairly easy to work legally if you are established in the region with a partner who is already working there. Otherwise you will need sponsorship from a company or a school. Contact the Qatari Embassy before you travel to ensure you have the latest information on entry conditions and your local health centre for up to date advice on any inoculations necessary. However a degree, EFL certificate and some teaching experience should help you secure employment from abroad.

Qatar can afford to pay well for teachers from overseas, although we tend to see far fewer opportunities advertised than for some of the other countries in the region.

If applying from abroad, ensure everything is absolutely secured in writing before leaving.

It is strongly recommended that you take:

* the 250-hour TESOL Level 5 Advanced course >> for the Middle East
* the 30-hour Business TESOL >> for Qatar

since few in TESOL have a specialism and so this can be very appealing to employers and ensures you have the key skills for the market.

You may also be able to find work teaching English to children privately. In this area being on the spot may be more important than degrees and certificates. If this is something you'd like to do, we suggest you add the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners >>.

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