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Travel & Teach - United Kingdom (UK)


As a TESOL destination, the UK offers a range of diverse opportunities. On the one hand, coastal resorts and the big cities are alive with foreign learners during the peak summer months. Schools appear as if from nowhere during this time to capitalise on this influx. However, finding TESOL work the rest of the year with a private language school is much more difficult; as you will have to compete with the wealth of experienced and well qualified teachers who have returned from travelling around the world and now wish to teach closer to home. To find TESOL work with private language schools in the UK, you will almost certainly need a degree, a TESOL certificate and be a native English speaker. Be aware that while many GE graduates have gone onto teach in the UK, there is a general preference for the Cambridge CELTA/Trinity TESOL certificate over distance certificates amongst private language schools in the UK.

Students tend to come to private language schools in the UK for 1 or 2 week study holidays and so the summer school atmosphere is generally more relaxed with an emphasis on both fun and learning. While many adults do visit during the summer, typically classes contain a mixture of nationalities with ages between 10-16 years old. The teaching pattern is often 3 hours of classes in the morning with day trips in the afternoon. Teachers may be asked to accompany students on these trips, at a reduced hourly rate.

Increasingly, schools are offering more bespoke options to tempt visitors year-round, such as English with golf packages and even English with cream teas, which can make for a more varied student base. Business learners also often visit year-round.

There are also a range of different options for UK based teachers outside of the private language school market. 

Tips for teaching English in the UK:

* choose the 250-hour TESOL Master course for the UK
* add a 30-hour Business TESOL at the checkout as this specialism is very much in demand
* consider the 20-hour Teaching English Online course so you can teach online as well. 

* alternatively, the 300-hour TESOL Professional course combines all of the above courses.

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