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Travel & Teach - Cyprus


This sun-drenched island has been at the crossroads of world events for centuries, but only more recently has it starting becoming a popular TESOL destination.

Cypriots are an individualistic, industrious people and English is spoken almost everywhere, with most road signs in Greek and English. But unlike Greece, Cyprus is not often a first stop for the new EFL teacher as there appears to be much less demand for English teachers from outside the island. 

There is little demand for EFL teachers in the Turkish held area of the country.

In the Greek part of the island, English is the second language. Being taught from an early age at school, children grow up accompanied by the language and the dramatic increase in tourism has added to its popularity. However, because it is taught so widely in the state system, there are far fewer private language schools – hence the demand for the EFL teacher is much less than other European countries. Therefore offering  a specialism, such as teaching business English is a good idea to stand out and also for better freelance opportunities.

Tips for teaching English in Cyprus

* choose the 150-hour TESOL Level 4 online >> for Europe
* consider adding a 30-hour Business TESOL >> as this specialism is very much in demand
* dress for business and present a professional CV/resume >>
* teaching jobs are generally not advertised outside the country
* come with plenty of money to see you through and ensure your TESOL resume 'sells you'
* consider teaching English online first with a large company, then continue with it once in Cyprus so you are not reliant on local teaching work only

Useful Contacts

British Council

British Council in Cyprus:   

Cypriot Embassy UK:

Cypriot Embassy USA: 

Cypriot National Tourist Office:



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Travel and Teach

You will usually need to be in place to secure work.

The British Council does not have a teaching operation in Cyprus, and we are informed that it does not maintain a list of schools, although the office may be able to direct you to a list in the yellow pages of language schools or private schools (see British Council address under Useful Contacts). The majority of EFL teachers in Cyprus are expatriates who have settled permanently and while there are positions available, if you already in Cyprus then you are more likely to get the job.

It is expected that the number of opportunities will increase, particularly as Cyprus develops more into the EU fold. If you wish to obtain a job as an English tutor, you can advertise your services in the English Language press. Try the Cyprus Mail (PO Box 1144, Nicosia, also contactable via their website at or the Cyprus Weekly, (2 Grypari Street, Trust House Suite 102, PO Box 24977, 1306 Nicosia – again see their website

EU citizens can live and work fairly easily. The issue is finding work amongst such a small population and with a relatively large UK expat community already in place.

As a result, specialising in teaching business English is recommended or consider teaching English online for a large international company so you are not reliant on the local market for finding work.

For the best chance of gaining English teaching work in Cyprus, we recommend that you take:

* the 150-hour TESOL Level 4 online >> for Europe
* the 30-hour Business TESOL >> for Cyprus, reflecting demand in this market
* the 30-hour Teaching English One-to-one >> for teaching online

Got a question about teaching English in Cyprus?  Ask Louisa Walsh direct.

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