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You will usually need to be in place to secure work. The British Council does not have a teaching operation in Cyprus, and we are informed that it does not maintain a list of schools, although the office may be able to direct you to a list in the yellow pages of language schools or private schools (see British Council address under Useful Contacts). The majority of EFL teachers in Cyprus are expatriates who have settled permanently and while there are positions available, if you already in Cyprus then you are more likely to get the job.

If you wish to obtain a job as an English tutor, you can advertise your services in the English Language press. Try the Cyprus Mail for this. EU citizens can live and work fairly easily. The issue is finding work among such a small population and with a relatively large UK expat community already in place.

As a result, specialising in teaching business English is recommended or consider teaching English online for a large international company so you are not reliant on the local market for finding work.

For the best chance of gaining English teaching work in Cyprus, we recommend that you take:


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