Get qualified to teach English online

Get qualified to teach English online

How to qualify to teach English online

With technology driving demand for online English learning, there are now huge opportunities for qualified English language teachers to teach online in this fast-growing sector of the TEFL industry.

The appeal of online English teaching is clear:

1.  mostly online lesson preparation is minimal
2.  hours can often be arranged to suit the teacher
3. it affords the opportunity to work from home while connecting to students all over the world

While pay in this area has historically been low, the increasing demand is pushing wages up as companies search for accomplished Online teachers. So it has never been a better time to get formally qualified if you value the freedom and flexibility online teaching can bring.

What kind of online teaching jobs are available?

You could be teaching children in China or business people from Europe. You may be teaching one-to-one or to small groups online, or a mixture. You could even blend some online teaching in with a face-to-face EFL job.

At the lower end of the pay scale are students looking for English speaking partners.

At the higher end are very large organisations with sophisticated platforms, requiring teachers to have degrees and TESOL qualifications, so they can recruit the best teachers in order to meet their increasing demand.

There are also opportunities to freelance and work independently. See just some of the online teaching jobs for our Global English graduates here

Which TESOL qualification do I need to teach online?

The better paying companies are looking for a TESOL qualification, although this doesn't need to be in depth and can be completed quite quickly. A 120 hour course will be fine for 90% of the teaching English online industry. Be aware that some companies may prefer native English speaking teachers with degrees - but certainly not all.

However, in response to the increasing demand for online teachers, we  launched our 20 hour Teaching English Online course, which is designed to follow on from a core TESOL, to equip  you with the skills you need for this area, taking you through some of the online platforms, methodology and material. It also lists some of the major companies and their pay as well as preparing you to create your own profile so you can set up as an independent and attract and maintain your own students.

The benefits of taking our 20 hour Teaching English online course are obvious - as well as giving you an insight into the online teaching world, it will save you hours of research time, since we bring the best companies to you, highlighting their needs, pay and basic conditions. It also helps set you apart for the higher paying posts - after all, since most people only have the core TESOL, you’ll stand out with the skills and a qualification tailor-made for the online teaching world.

See the video which details what's covered in this course below, or check out the full course content here

So what are you waiting for? Hop on over to our course page and enrol today.

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Get qualified to teach English online