Top course tips direct from our tutors

Top course tips direct from our tutors

At this time of lockdown, many of our trainees (not all of you, I know) have more time to devote to course work and are busy, busy, busy - diving into classroom management concepts, grappling with grammar and more.  Our super tutors are working extra hard right now marking and feeding back on your work.

To support you better, we thought it a good time to ask our tutors for some ideas to help you keep going and for some specific tips for those longer lesson planning questions in particular.

So, in this four minute video, Director of Studies William Bradridge speaks to three of our tutors, Clare, Denise and Steve, who share some of their thoughts on how to help you on your course.


Denise encourages you to re-read lesson plans before pressing ‘submit’, so that it’s really clear to us what you intend to happen in your classes. Also, that it is important to include worksheets or give examples of the actual work you want to use with students. This helps us see your ideas more easily and to see if the material is appropriate for the level you are teaching.

Clare suggests using your tutor as much as you can, so ask questions. Think of your tutor as a valuable resource while on the course. Also, to keep yourself motivated by setting weekly goals or at least try to set aside a regular time to of study each week. The more you get into it, the greater your motivation will be and the more the course will flow.

Steve asks you to think about how you can ‘teach and explain less’ and have the students do the work instead. This would mean the teacher elicits, where possible, getting the students to work on the theme, grammar point etc themselves. He echoes something we say early on in the courses on how to deduce your TTT (Teacher Talking Time) so that you give more opportunity for your students.  

Thanks for these great tips, Steve, Clare, and Denise.

If you are a Global English TESOL trainee in need of some extra support and motivation, why not contact your tutor via your student area? Or contact us at the Global English TESOL office as we are all TESOL trained as well. We love hearing from our trainees and supporting you through.


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  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: Friday 1st May 2020



Absolutely loved the tips. Thank you so much to the tutors for their advice. This will help me as I move forward with my modules. Wonderful!

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Top course tips direct from our tutors