Coping with COVID-19: London and California

Coping with COVID-19: London and California

This is our latest article on what life is like in ‘lockdown’ from our Global English TESOL trainees across the world, as we try to promote a sense of togetherness at this time.

Here, Jessica Jacob speaks about how her family is coping whilst being split across continents during lockdown.

Our family was planning to do our big move back to California from the UK.
Our son is due to graduate from high school this June and getting ready to go to university.  I was planning on having my certificate to teach English as a foreign language so that I may teach in California. I am not sure how that will turn out.  

My husband travelled to California on the 15th of March and now is unable to come back to the UK because of the lock down.
We are both in lock down but far apart. He has the view of the ocean and people enjoying the beach. I have a view of the lovely garden lush and green and occasional person or family cycling by. 

We both are experiencing clearer air and less traffic. People are practicing social distancing on both ends, mine and My husband's. Most people are wearing masks and gloves in California as here. 

We have had a friend and colleague of my husband's die of Coronavirus.
We are mourning the loss of a good man and are so sorry for the family who was unable to see him or bury him. He passed away at Watford General, so close to home. I looks like there are more people here fighting against this awful virus than in California. 

In the UK there is a social community network called Nextdoor.
It has been a good support for the community and our friends and neighbours are watching over each other, making sure we are ok or asking if anyone needs anything while going to shops. We wouldn't all normally do that.

The school I work for has asked me to go on furlough.
I signed the letter of agreement two days ago with slight sadness. Although, we are coping quite well, I have a sense of longing, longing to be with my husband again, I worry about him because he is diabetic, type 1. I long to see my son graduate and celebrate his accomplishments and long to get together with our friends and colleagues for a final farewell. There is so much, I can't go on to explain. 

About kindness…..
One thing I've noticed here, and my husband has there, is that the kindness and generosity of the communities outshines this horrid virus. 

Instead of greeting each other with a casual 'Are you ok?' We mean it.

Please stay well. 

Thank you, Jessica. Please stay well, too, and thanks for sharing your story.


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Here is the local online community group that Jessica has found helpful in the UK: Nextdoor

  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 01/05/2020

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Coping with COVID-19: London and California