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Meet your TEFL Tutor Clare Welch

Meet your TEFL Tutor Clare Welch

Clare Welch has been with Global English TESOL for a number of years and has been a fantastic support to her students over this time. We invited Clare to share something of her life and background, so read on below...

"TEFL has been the most amazing path for me.  In 1999 when I graduated from University, I was doing some voluntary teaching while deciding what came next. I knew I wanted to travel more so when I saw an advertisement for a TEFL course in Prague I decided to give it a shot.

It turned out to be the best decision of my life. I have met the most inspiring people and some of my closest friends are either EFL teachers or former students. 

I think TEFL can keep challenging us and we’re always learning, with new teaching ideas, new technologies, new students. I completed my MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL in 2012, so I also understand the challenges of studying at a distance while balancing work and other commitments.

In terms of my best teaching experiences, where to start? I’ve taught people from most professional backgrounds and even high flyers such as EU politicians and CEOs so those have been fascinating experiences. I love some of the kids I’ve taught, especially watching the shy ones come out of their shells and participate more. The pride I’ve felt in my exam students’ achievements has made the slog worth it for all of us. And running some classes on a hot sunny beach in Brazil… well, really, can you beat that?!"

Clare Welch


Clare marks work from trainees in a part-time capacity on both our offline and interactive courses. She has recently been assisting with the compilation of our Teaching English Online course, which launched in 2018.

The support and feedback that trainees get from their Global English TESOL tutors is one of the key features of all our TESOL training courses

To hear from Clare, William and Louisa and meet other trainees and tutors why not join our Facebook group? It's the place to be for all things TESOL. 

  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: Tuesday 27th March 2012


William Bradridge

Clare, you are a star! Thanks for all you do for Global English students!!!

Aude Carmichael

I agree with Clare. Teaching, in general, is so satisfying, but teaching someone to communicate in a new language is amazing. When those pennies drop and they 'get it', whether they're kids or professional adults, it is so gratifying. Thanks for sharing your story!

Pascal Hermouet

I fully agree with Clare. As i was one of her students, I'd like to add that I enjoyed her teaching very much -thanks again, Clare!


That's quite an experience. You certainly bringing the best in you to be successful teacher, keep the good working.

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"For the past two years I have worked here in Tuscany teaching all levels. I have already recommended your courses to one of my prospective teachers..."

Alison Salmon, English World, Italy

Meet your TEFL Tutor Clare Welch