Life in the midst of Corona in Vermont USA

Life in the midst of Corona in Vermont USA

A Global English TESOL trainee on life, work and local heroes in his locality

In these strange times, it is good to connect and share stories to encourage and promote togetherness, no matter our location or circumstance. To this end we asked Global English trainees from around to share a taste of their lives and Ed Beale was one of the first to respond. Thanks Ed…


I live in Burlington, Vermont, USA. The situation here with the COVID-19 pandemic is likely past its peak and I’d say we are surviving rather well. Our entire state is rural and sparsely populated which makes a big difference in decreased transmission rates.

A state of emergency “Stay Home, Stay Safe” order will be in place until May 15. Most businesses and social institutions have been closed, though earlier this week, places employing up to two people were allowed to reopen. Most people have been taking the idea of social distancing seriously and Vermont’s finances are better equipped than most states’ to weather the economic stress of the Covid-19 crisis because of the placed in reserve funds over the past decade.

I’ve volunteered with a local clinic to work on and validate a new COVID-19 antibody test, and so I’m travelling to Ohio to do some molecular training. Establishing rapid antibody assays will be a key component to our recovery efforts.

The current situation does not impact my TESOL plans. My goal is to tutor English online, and so this pandemic (or a future one if, say, there is a resurgence this winter) will not be an obstacle. My family and I may decide to move to Eastern Europe or Asia, for we have family in both Finland and China. Both my wife and I can work remotely via computer, but I may look for a job at an English language school. I’m not concerned that the coronavirus will be a problem for us in any case.

There are many things that have made me smile during this time.  Some people who have really shined during this crisis. From local volunteers sewing masks and gowns to those stocking food banks to the health care workers down in the trenches, heroes have risen to the challenge. And, the time I’ve been able to dedicate to my family in the past several weeks has been invaluable. My three-year-old daughter has an incredible imagination, and we’ve had piles of fun creating adventures (don’t laugh) with her Barbie dolls!

Thanks so much for sharing, Ed and for putting together this short, compilation video for us to enjoy. Stay safe.


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  • Author: Ed Beale
  • Date: 24/04/2020

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Life in the midst of Corona in Vermont USA