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Travel & Teach - Ukraine


Ukraine is part if the former USSR is the 2nd largest country in Europe. It gained independence from the Soviet Republic on 1st December 1991 and its capital city, Kiev, has approximately 2.8 million inhabitants. 

The demand for English in this former Soviet Republic is growing, in common with many other Eastern European countries. If you decide that Ukraine is for you then you’ll find that native English speakers are in demand, as the country sees English as the ‘first’ foreign language.

Although the TEFL industry isn't as developed as it is in some other other Eastern European countries, such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic, if you are not motivated solely by money then you can reap rewards in other ways. The country is culturally and historically diverse and interesting.  This is a country where demand currently exceeds supply and institutes have found difficulty in finding enough native speakers. Therefore institutes recruit from both the local market as well as overseas. While most positions will be found in the major cities (Kiev, Lviv) jobs are not just confined to the big cities. 

Tips for teaching English in Ukraine:

* choose the 150-hour TESOL Premier Plus course for Europe
* the 30-hour Teaching Business English for Ukraine
* the 20-hour Teaching English Online course 
* it may be possible to find teaching with a shorter UK-based weekend/3 day course

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