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Why a TEFL weekend? Your FAQs answered

Why a TEFL weekend? Your FAQs answered

Did you know that it only takes 2 days to get a TEFL qualification so you can start teaching, living and earning abroad?

A weekend TEFL course in the UK condenses all of the basic TEFL methodology into just 20 hours. But is it really as simple as that? What’s involved? And how recognised is the certificate?
If you’re tempted by a weekend TEFL course, here are our replies to the five most frequently asked questions we get asked.

1) A TEFL in 1 weekend?  Is it really that simple?
The simple answer is, yes it is.  If you live here in the UK, a weekend TEFL is highly practical and efficient way to get TEFL qualified. Think, you could book your course Friday, attend Saturday and Sunday and by Monday morning be TEFL qualified, ready to access the many thousands of TEFL jobs available around the world.

There’s likely to be a weekend TEFL course on your doorstep. So whether you want to take your weekend TEFL course in Birmingham, London, Plymouth or in 28 other locations UK-wide, there is likely to be one local to you this month. The market has really opened up in order to bring TEFL courses direct to your neighbourhood.

2) What will I be doing on my TEFL weekend?
Throw away all your ideas about the conventional classroom and hold onto your hats for an intense, enjoyable and interactive 2 days. TEFL methodology is about immersion in the language, getting students actively communicating and it is exactly the same on a TEFL weekend course! You won’t get long lectures in silent rows. You’ll get to experience TEFL methodology first hand, discuss, engage, try things out and have a go at teaching your peers, all under the guidance of an experienced EFL practitioner. You’ll also take away a handy reference book with the main principles outlined to compliment the day. By all accounts the time really flies! Take a look here to see what’s involved in a typical 2 day TEFL course

3) Who takes this type of course?
Anyone who would prefer to obtain their TEFL certificate face-to-face rather than online. But it is a real mix. You might be a volunteer, a wannabe teacher-traveller or about to go on a gap year. Perhaps you are semi-retired or a mature life-changer looking for something different. Perhaps you just want an additional qualification to add to your portfolio ‘just in case’ in these times of job uncertainty.

4) How valid is the TEFL certificate?
A TEFL certificate of some kind is most often a minimum requirement now for paid English teaching jobs abroad. The demand to learn English worldwide is huge and often completely outstrips supply of EFL teachers in some locations such as China, Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. For some competitive locations (in English speaking countries, for example), many private language schools will expect to see an enhanced qualification such as the CELTA or an advanced online TESOL course. Don't worry, we run these too if you are interested in something online instead. 

Other skills and qualifications which can help you in the employment stakes include a degree, a driving licence and any teaching experience. To make your weekend qualification really stand out, add on a short specialisation in teaching English for young learners, business or even online.  You can do these cost-effectively online to enhance your career.

5) Where can I work with a TEFL qualification?

EFL teachers who have gained a TEFL certificate over a weekend are working all over the world in private language schools, freelance positions and in-company. Not only that, job advice is part of the course and you can access our jobs board and our partner’s jobs board, so you can apply to employers that are actively recruiting our TEFL graduates right now.

So what are you doing next weekend? Could you be doing something more enlightening, fun and rewarding which could change the direction of your life?  Check out the latest weekend TEFL course dates in your nearest UK location.

In the meantime,  if you haven’t joined our community on Facebook, you’re missing out on half the fun!  Our Facebook page is the perfect place to ask your TEFL questions and get answers directly from Louisa. Join here now



I worked as an English teacher for more than 20 years in sri Lanka.i'm an English specialist trained teacher.According to my qualifications i was appointed as a lecturer of economics.I have qualifications: B.A.Sp.Econ,Dip.Ed, Dip.Ed.Mgt.M.Ed, Dip.in.law.
i need a get a certificate TEFL on line.I can sit for only exam.pl.give me some advices.It will be much appreciated.your English programs are
excellence.methodology is essential to teach language.teachers should be motivated to do researches for the betterment of children.as i like to share ideas with teachers pl.ask them to write me to email or Facebook

Louisa Walsh

Thanks for your comment, R M Jayawarenda.
I have responded to you personally but as a start, why not join our Global English Facebook
group as it is a great way to meet other educators, ask questions, comment and we regularly post on related TESOL matters, too.

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