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5 things to do before you start a TESOL

5 things to do before you start a TESOL

So, you think you'd like to teach English and live abroad? Great! But what now? 
Well, since we've been a leading TESOL provider for many years, we've got a wealth of experience in advising people on their English teaching journey. So, if you're thinking about TESOL, read on; we've summarised our 'next step' advice into an easy five point checklist:

1. See some EFL teaching in action
What is it like? Is it for you? Modern EFL methods are mostly based on communicative language teaching,which is total immersion in English and getting students using the language. It usually much more direct and participatory than you will have experienced as a student at school! As a result, it is well worth seeing some live teaching beforehand and view the kind of techniques you’ll be using in the future.

Suggestion: take our 5 minute classroom video quiz; it’s a great place to get a sneaky peek at a typical EFL classroom.

2. Research the country in which you are aiming to teach
This includes looking up visa/work regulations but also being clever about which type of TESOL is in most demand in your chosen location. It is worth remembering that most TESOL work sits in the commercial sector and is so is demand-led. Therefore, it makes sense to opt for the TESOL course most suited to local demand.

For example, did you know that in northern Europe and Japan there is a lot of demand for business English? So, a 150-hour TESOL course with an additional business specialism is a good idea. Elsewhere in Asia, a 120-hour TESOL course with an addition young learner specialism can help you stand out. For more competitive locations, our 250 hour TESOL Master course is one of the best, most advanced you can get online.

Suggestion: check out our TESOL destinations pages for an overview and suggested courses by country. Then see the comments tab on each page for inspiration from our graduates who are living and teaching worldwide.

3. Ensure your TESOL provider is well established
Many TESOL course providers have disappeared over the past few years, as competition has meant that they could not survive. So make sure the course provider you choose is well established, offers course suited to your chosen destination and the option of an externally accredited certificate.

Suggestion: opt for a course provider which offers the possibility of an additional certificate issued direct from the accrediting body. This provides verifiable, independent reassurance to your employer about course quality.

4. Start looking at the kind of jobs you can expect
It’s never too early and it’s good motivation to have the end-game in mind. You need to have an overview of what employers are looking for. Are there other skill sets you could offer? Could you teach English online, host and teach students or freelance, for example? 

Suggestion: check the Global English TESOL jobs pages for more in positions currently available. Then widen your search beyond just private language schools. (Global English TESOL assists its trainees with resume help, jobs advice and links to international employers.)

5. Just do it!
You’ve done some research and found the perfect course. A worldwide adventure is waiting. Now all you need to do is get started.

Suggestion: Go for it! Get started on a TESOL course today or get in touch for personalised advice direct from Louisa or William at Global English TESOL.

Updated October 2018

  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: 08/10/2015


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