Enjoying TESOL 12 years after certification

Enjoying TESOL 12 years after certification

When GE graduate Kerry Edwards offered to share the story of her TEFL journey we jumped at the chance to hear it. Kerry trained with Global English in 2003, so we started by asking her how she stays motivated teaching English more than 12 years on - and it seems variety is the spice of life. Just check out the wealth of experience she has enjoyed over the years:

"I’m lucky I live in an amazing country (Spain) where the sun is always shining and I can take long breaks and decide my own working hours.  I don’t teach more than 20 hours a week and prefer working from home while enjoying some classroom teaching on short term contracts. Here’s some of the teaching work I’ve been doing since graduating with Global English:

Business English France: my first paid teaching job in 2003 was teaching business English with the French Chambre of Commerce teaching school in Caen. I was going on-site to companies such as Philips and Renault and given responsibility for the Renault Resource Centre along with teaching classes.

UK summer school: Concorde School in Bath where I was a residential teacher.  I loved teaching children from around the world and guiding them around places of interest.

ELT writer: in 2012 I wrote my own student book* which was published as an e-book on Amazon.com.  I am still selling this book to teachers looking for a short revision course for teenagers with levels B1-B2.

Online teacher: for companies based in Spain, UK, Ukraine and France.

Spain - teacher, host and more: I managed to get a job quite quickly in a summer school teaching children up to age 16.  From there I was given adult students to host and teach at home and I’ve been doing both ever since.  I then set up a summer school where I taught and hosted teenagers.  I’ve also enjoyed my contracts teaching English to the hospitality sector which focused on conversation, helping them to talk to and understand the guests."

So we asked Kerry some questions about her working life now she is fully qualified and experienced. 

How did you get these jobs and what helped you keep them?
"In Spain the first jobs I found were in the local English newspapers, the main one is Costa Blanca News. After that I applied for jobs from TEFL.com. There are some amazing jobs on that site.  It seems the world is your oyster with a TESOL qualification.  After being in the same place for 12 years people know me and recommend me so it’s much easier to get teaching work and keep the contracts."

Have you got a favourite teaching group?
"Upper-intermediate teenagers. They can be difficult but with experience you can achieve so much and they are so creative and amusing."

What is the TEFL market like in Spain at the moment? 
"Teaching jobs have really picked up in Spain for the past 6 months.  There is a lot of freelance work.  The problem is that to be self-employed is very expensive but I have been lucky to get contracts and I would recommend this way of working as a teacher."

* See Kerry's Short and Sweet English Course eBook on Amazon 

Thanks for sharing, Kerry and hope you keep the same love of English teaching through the next 12 years...


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"For the past two years I have worked here in Tuscany teaching all levels. I have already recommended your courses to one of my prospective teachers..."

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Enjoying TESOL 12 years after certification