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Great Career Options with a TESOL

Great Career Options with a TESOL

Think EFL teacher and perhaps what comes to mind is standing in front of a board delivering lessons to bustling classes of non-native English kids abroad.

But while traditional classroom TEFL jobs abound, there are also plenty of enticing alternatives for those with a TESOL qualification looking for something different. Here we share a few of the different routes some of our intrepid course graduates have taken since qualifying in TESOL:

TESOL Travel guru
Inspired by Asia, Global English graduate Daniel Ward travelled to Thailand and South Korea to teach. He launched his internet business TEFLCareer.com soon after, a site which combines travel, jobs and blogs for fellow teacher travellers. Read Daniel’s story here.

Online English tutor

Why journey abroad when you can reach students across the globe from your front room? Online English teaching is a growing sector where you can often set your own hours and focus on smaller groups or 1-1 teaching. TESOL graduate Lea Hook is just one of many Global English course graduates enjoying life in Thailand while teaching the world.

Business English trainer
After 22 years in the military, mainly in the field of human resources, Nick Ponter now works full-time as a business English trainer and runs his own language school in Germany. Nick says that "as a business English trainer you will assist them in their jobs which will  involve understanding Germany texts etc.  A trainer also represents himself/herself or a company and needs to be able to communicate with the company on numerous issues." Read more on his experiences in Germany here

Language school owner
When Jane Rocke moved to France with her family, they set about getting to know the locality and soon set up a residential business as a language school with accommodation, looking to reach both business people as well as the younger TESOL market. 

Homestay English teacher
If you have a welcoming home as well as a TESOL qualification, you could be in demand from English learners keen on a more immersive English experience. There are a number of agencies set up to match student to host and students often look for a wide range of locations, so don't think you have to be in a big city to be successful.  Global English TESOL graduate Lesley Vernon talks about how she enjoys the hosting and teaching experience here.


The above represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of TESOL opportunities. Some of our former graduates have also written course materials, become teacher trainers and one has even written a course book on Aviation English.

Still plenty more who move out of TESOL later down the line are enriched by their TESOL and travel experience and start new careers with increased confidence as a result. 

Where could TESOL take you? See our destination guide for some more great ideas. Feel free to post below the line about your teaching experiences. 

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  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: Friday 22nd March 2019


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Great Career Options with a TESOL