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I teach English in Holland

I teach English in Holland

You might have noticed there are few English teaching jobs advertised on the internet for the Netherlands. That's why I was intrigued to catch up with Global English TESOL graduate Erika Csigi, who is successfully teaching English there. I asked her a few questions....

Hi Erika. Firstly, can I ask, what is your background?
My background was training as a nursery nurse in a private setting in Whitchurch Hampshire. I became a Pre-school teacher thereafter and went on to teaching abroad where ever I was needed (voluntarily) some examples of the countries I worked in are Morocco and Brazil.

Why did you choose a Global English TESOL to train to teach English? 
The reason I choose Global English TESOL courses is because I wanted to put all my practice and knowledge onto paper and through research, Global English offers what I needed to gain an accredited and valued certificate which includes linguistics.

Who have you been working for and what do you teach in Holland?
I have been working in a Christian school in the Netherlands called the Prins Maurits School, they hired me to help out with exam classes as the higher levels needed a native speaker to challenge them. My British English was a must, happily I was hired on the spot. I’ve been at the school three years and they ask me to return each year for 4 to 6 months to teach upper levels and basic newbies. It’s wonderful I can make up my own lessons. 

Dutch people seem to speak English well. What do they need in terms of English teaching?
The Dutch people generally speak very good English and anyone who is thinking of working in Holland would need a good, advanced qualification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Children in Holland are recently beginning to learn English earlier, in junior schools because the government believe this is necessary for them, therefore business English classes are popular. Also, the greatest need is to teach good pronunciation and this is where the in-depth linguistics teaching and certification from Global English TESOL would be of great value to anyone thinking of working here.

What is your advice for anyone keen to come to Holland to teach English?
There is demand, especially for pronunciation. Also, there is demand for tutors for business English, for evening classes and homework groups after school. You will likely need to be in the country to find work as there is little advertised on the net.

Thank you, Erika for sharing your experiences and for keeping in touch.


Louisa at Global English says:
* Check out Erika's advanced 250-hour TESOL Master course
* Consider adding a 30-hour TESOL with business specialism
* See how Nancy, another Global English graduate, teaches English in Holland 

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  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: Wednesday 26th August 2015


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I teach English in Holland