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The Netherlands mixes some of the most liberal attitudes to be found in Europe today with an orderly, structured society.

Typified for being flat and easy to travel around, if you are seeking English language teaching here you will find towns surrounded by canals and castle walls, and friendly people who often speak excellent English, partly because it is well taught in state schools. While there are many private language schools, the competition for jobs is fairly strong. However, there is an increasing demand for in-company teaching, brought about by the high demand for English in the workplace.

Do bear in mind that a bilingual (Dutch-English) teacher will be in greater demand than an English only teacher. There is also an increasing demand within universities, where teachers are quite often recruited informally through contacts, but you will need considerable experience to take advantage of these positions.

Alternatively, there is a tradition of people attending a kind of community college or folk university, called ‘Volksuniversiteit’, mainly for conversation classes. Post lockdown, these centres throughout the Netherlands may be able to offer some work – try


Tips for teaching English in the Netherlands:

* choose the TESOL Advanced Course 150 hours for Europe
* make sure you take the 30-hour Business TESOL for Netherlands, as Business English is a really good option here.
* why not add the 40-hour Total Grammar course? This will come in especially useful for helping high level students perfect their English grammar. 
* dress for business and present a professional CV/resume

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