I teach English in Indonesia

I teach English in Indonesia

Having English as your second language is no longer an obstacle to finding teaching work in Indonesia. We asked Global English TESOL graduate Harry Bond Jr. about his experiences in this fascinating country.

Hi Harry. Please tell us a little about yourself, your background and how you came to teach in Indonesia.
My name is Herman, (in Indonesia I'm better known as Harry Bond Jr.) I am an entertainer as well as a teacher (an Edutainer :)).

In Indonesia non-native speakers are finally legally allowed to teach English, as long as they/we/I have a bachelor degree + the TEFL/TESOL certificate. Now I have that certificate. I grew up in Holland and in Indonesia, and always dreamed of becoming useful in Indonesia. That's why I love teaching English in addition to entertaining, to give something back to this amazing country.

Why do you like teaching English?
I like teaching English, because English is the international language. When I see students from any age group reaching the required level, so they can work abroad, I feel proud, happy, excited etc. The thing I absolutely love most about teaching here is their enthusiasm and sense of humour (this counts for all age groups 😊).

Who do you teach? Youngsters, adults, business English etc?
Since 2002 I have taught from beginner's level up to business English. Usually, I teach at elementary schools, but regularly also at middle and high schools, and in offices. I give seminars at universities to upcoming English teachers, and now I dream of starting to teach online as well (just to earn Euros or US Dollars).

What is the best part about working in Indonesia?
I think it is the enthusiasm of Indonesians to foreigners. They are super polite, helpful, friendly, great cooks, they love singing, and soooo many beautiful aspects. A weird fact is, they even look up to foreigners. Another awesome part of teaching here is that during any holiday, you just spend a bit of money to travel around paradise!!!

Have you got any tips for those thinking of teaching English in Indonesia?
One of my tips is to get your TESOL/TEFL 120 hour certificate on this platform, because this is 100% recognised by the government. Even better, take some specialised certificates to be prepared for more job offers (outside school hours).  Another tip is to stay chilled when people ask about your religion. Indonesia is the biggest Muslim nation in the world, but they are completely open to people who are different from them. As I mentioned before, most people here are amazing, enthusiastic, kind and polite. I absolutely love living here!

How has the course you took with us been helpful?
Thanks to Global English TESOL I have become a more structured, more confident and a more valuable teacher, but for me personally most important is that I officially have become a legally recognized teacher. I am very lucky one of my best friends advised me to follow courses at Global English. I'm very thankful for the tutoring and guidance I have received to become who I am right now.

Terima kasih (thank you in Indonesian),


Thank you for sharing your story, Harry, and we wish you every future success.


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  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 09/07/2019

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I teach English in Indonesia