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Will Roworth

I got offered the job teaching, 3x2 hour lessons on a Monday and a Wednesday, to advanced teenagers (12-17 incl) and then a two hr lesson on a Tuesday and a Thursday evening. The wealthy in Belo Horizonte send their children to Red Balloon, with the teenagers to 'Reds', an affiliate.

Ten of us went for the jobs with myself and a Russian girl being the only 'gringo's'. Although I obviously had an advantage, it was pretty competitive. We spent a week learning about teaching and having to do presentations for all age groups (simulating teaching). Its only about 15R an hour (6 pounds), but I am doing it for the experience and to learn how to teach so I can teach privately and earn 40R an hour !! (15 pounds). Please see the photos attached.

I have got some cards done for private teaching lessons as you can earn up to 50R an hr which is quite considerable here (20 Pounds).

I’ve been here two months now and every day is a learning day as they say. I find it astonishing, the gulf in wealth between those that have and those that don´t, very different to England where there seems to be that large middle class. I brought some football kits over for the kids in the local favela. The people seem great and very approachable, but I have to say I’m itching to get back down to the Rio countryside (Cabo Frio).

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