Is a TEFL or TESOL course best?

Is a TEFL or TESOL course best?

On this blog we'll explain common TEFL and TESOL acronyms and how to choose which TESOL or TEFL course is best. Read on or watch our TEFL/TESOL 1 minute video explainer below.

TEFL or TESOL? What’s the difference and which is best?

These are questions we are often asked at Global English, but the good news is that the acronym itself doesn’t really matter. This is because to international employers worldwide TEFL and TESOL mean more or less the same thing.

What makes a real difference is an accredited certificate, the number of course hours and whether the TEFL/TESOL course is the best match for where you want to go. 

But more of that later. 

Firstly here are some of the popular acronyms you may have heard of in the English teaching industry:

  • TEFL: Teaching English as a Foreign Language (used more widely in Europe but interchangeable with TESOL).
  • TESOL: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (used more widely in Asia and the Americas but interchangeable with TEFL).
  • ELT: English Language Teaching (usually referring to the whole industry).
  • ESL: English as a Second Language (English where it is taught in an English speaking country to foreign learners). As a result you may be involved in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) if teaching English to recent immigrants to the UK or USA, for example.
  • CELTA: Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults. A type of English teaching qualification; usually classroom based and conducted intensively. Validated by UCLES, it can be taken in centres worldwide. We have written about the relative merits of both approaches on our CELTA or Online TESOL blog. 

Choosing the right TEFL/TESOL certification

Since the terms TEFL or TESOL are interchangeable, here are 5 other things you may want to consider carefully before choosing your online course:

1) Is the final certificate awarded by an established accrediting body?
Employers like to see a course has been externally scrutinised by an independent body. At Global English TESOL, you can opt for a certificate awarded by the UK accrediting body, ACTDEC.

2) How long has the provider been in business? 
Established in 1997, we were one of the first online TESOL providers in the UK; we’ve built up the contacts, a reputation for excellence and know-how over many years in the industry.

3) What are the comments like on independent review sites?
Check out a few here (blushes!)

4) Is there access to international jobs, links to established recruiters and careers advice?
At Global English TESOL, it’s lifetime access to jobs help and support. 

5) Are there a range of courses and specialisms targeted towards your ideal locations?
A one-size fits all course does not suit every location. For example, The Global English 150-hour TESOL Premier Plus course, together with a 30-hour business specialism, is our most popular course combination for France, but we recommend different courses for Southern Europe or Asia etc. Check out the recommended courses on our destinations pages here for more.

Accredited online TESOL courses with Global English TESOL

English is in huge demand worldwide, which means for people with the right TESOL/TEFL qualification, a career abroad is waiting. If it is time to take step into a new career and start a new life oversees, we’re with you all the way.

Enrol today or contact Louisa for advice on the best course for you.

  • Author: Louisa Walsh
  • Date: 16/03/2015

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Is a TEFL or TESOL course best?