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How to Get Noticed by TESOL Employers

How to Get Noticed by TESOL Employers

While the demand for English teachers is a great as ever, if you see your dream job advertised, then you’ll want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd. Here are 5 insider tips to help you get noticed at application and interview:

1. Attach a short voice file with your CV/resume
If sending your application by email, a short, introductory voice file alongside your CV/resume and smiley passport-sized photograph can have a really positive impact. This is a great way to stand out as most applicants will never think to do it.

I’d say a voice file is a must if you are non-native teacher and want to show off your excellent pronunciation to a prospective employer.

2. Show the employer at-a-glance that you meet their criteria 
If you tick all the employer boxes, tell them so. Highlight the skills you have that exactly match their criteria. Put these in the covering email/letter as well as at the top of your CV/resume. This is because your employer will likely do an initial sift of applications before digging deeper. Listing your ‘essential information’ at the top of your CV will make it easier for your application to get through the initial scan and onto the ‘interview’ list. Here is an example:

Essential information:

  • UK national with a British passport
  • TESOL qualified
  • experience with young people
  • available immediately

Even if you have no TESOL experience, check your resume really sells you as a teacher and not a student/engineer/secretary who has just done a course. Discover more tips here for a great TESOL CV/resume >>.

3. Be ready for the right questions at interview
There are some typical questions that frequently get asked at interview. These may concern how you would teach a grammar point, how you would maintain classroom discipline or your familiarity with common course books and ELT materials. See the most commonly asked TESOL interview questions here.

4.  Take a TESOL with a specialisation
Because most teachers have a generic TESOL qualification, you can stand out by taking an accredited online TESOL course with a specialism, such as teaching English for business, teaching teaching young learners, or teaching English online

If you already have a TESOL certificate, consider showing your commitment to continuing professional development by taking a follow-on course. Such specialisms can really make employers sit up and take notice.

5.       Always follow-up at interview 
If you are still interested in the job at the end of the interview, tell them and ask:

"What happens next?" 
"When will I hear from you?" 

Send a short email afterwards thanking them for their time and re-iterating your interest. 

In my own experience of recruiting teachers, I can verify that when confronted with two equally qualified candidates, the one who got the job was the one who sounded like they wanted it most. Enthusiasm and good interpersonal skills are hard to resist in any profession and can make all the difference.

If you have any great tips for the TESOL job application process, why not share them below?


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  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 13/11/2015


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