Quiz 2 – Language Awareness

How well do you know the English Language? In this quiz we are going to look at some of the building blocks of our language. In every classroom (even conversation English) you'll be asked questions about English grammar. So it is good to have a basic understanding of these elements of our language.

So let's dive in with some basics. Read through the material below and see if you can answer the questions that follow.

Verbs – these are words that we use for an event or action and it is the most important part of a sentence. Indeed, we cannot have a sentence without a verb. Examples of verbs are words like read, eat and teach.

Nouns are the words we use in English to name things – sometimes they are even called ‘naming words’. They give names to things, people and qualities. Woman, cat and MP3 player are all nouns.

Adjectives simply tell us more about nouns. They describe them, giving an idea of feeling or quality – an example might be ‘a beautiful day’, where beautiful is the adjective that describes the noun, day.

Adverbs work on verbs in a similar way to Adjectives on Nouns. They describe how an action takes place – ‘The boy ran quickly’, where quickly describes how the boy (noun) ran (verb).

Now it is your turn. Look at the sentence below, then answer the questions that follow.

She looked at the beautiful sunset and sighed contentedly.

1. There are 2 verbs in the sentence. What are they?

2. Now look for the noun. Can you see it? Which word is it?

3. An adjective describes a noun. In our example above, which is the adjective?

4. There is one adverb in our sentence. What is it?

5. Finally, one of the verbs in our sentence is described by an adverb. which is the verb and which is the adverb?

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