Top 10 TEFL destinations - as chosen by you

Top 10 TEFL destinations - as chosen by you

Top 10 TEFL destinations

If you were at the Language show or the Guardian graduate fair, both in London in October, then thank you as you may have unwittingly contributed to our Top TEFL destinations poll.

We spoke to hundreds of potential TEFLers at both shows who were interested in living and teaching overseas and while I can’t say the results are exactly scientific, they revealed these as their top 10 TEFL destinations by area:

The results: The Far East

The Far East is still a huge draw. Perhaps this is not surprising as these countries seem to be weathering the economic crisis better than the West. Certainly with a degree and  TEFL certificate, there are good TEFL prospects in the region. The best of them are probably in Korea, a country not mentioned on the list – but such is the demand here that you can expect very good packages which may include flights, accommodation and a very decent salary. China is the hottest TEFL destination in terms of demand with Thailand proving to be a tougher job market than you might expect due to regulation stiffer competition for jobs than elsewhere in the region.

It is tough in the UK outside of the busy summer months but creative TEFLers can still make it work year-round. The best course for Asia is the 120 hour TESOL Premier course. 


This has always been popular and the good news is there are still plenty of opportunities in our top 3 European destinations. The key here is to be in the country if you can and come with a little extra to help you stand out from the crowd. Consider adding a 30 hour specialisation in something like business (big in France and Germany) young learners (good for Spain) or 1-1 (anywhere where you would consider picking up some freelance work.) The best course for Europe is the 150 hour TESOL Premier Plus course.

I did think the Americas would make more of an impact on our poll with only Mexico showing 7th and Peru 10th. There is a big demand in this region and with the exception of Brazil, it is generally possible to pick up work without a degree.

Top 10 TEFL destinations by country

1)      Thailand

2)      Japan

3)      China

4)      France

5)      Spain

6)      Italy

7)      Mexico

8)      UK

9)      Germany

10)    Peru

So where do you want to go?

With the recession biting, we spoke to many graduates and life-changers alike keen to make the break. Our advice to everyone wherever they opt to go is check out the latest job prospects at, do your research on visa regulations, choose an accredited TESOL course and start planning your new life abroad. 


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  • Author: Admin William Bradridge
  • Date: 28/10/2010
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