I teach English online with Landi

I teach English online with Landi

Online English teaching opportunities are booming right now and for a flavour of the thriving market, we asked Global English TESOL graduate Juanette Lontos to share her online English teaching experience.

Juanette works for Landi, teaching English to primary-age Chinese children – and she is really enjoying her classes.

Find out more about what it’s like teaching for Landi below, and the TESOL course Juanette took to help get her the post.

1. Hi Juanette! So, why did you choose Landi?
I chose to work at Landi because they offer great lessons for children. The program is well thought through and applied. They are very supportive of their teachers and I can choose the hours that suit me. I like the stability and reliability of the company.

2 What was the recruitment process? What were they looking for from candidates?
The recruitment process was very easy. Landi requires each teacher to have a degree and a TEFL certificate. I had no experience when I applied. After completing the application form, I was contacted to schedule an interview. During the interview, I had to do a ten-minute demo lesson. All materials were provided. They were looking for clear and neutral accents and it is important to be kind and enthusiastic.

3. What is a typical class like, for example, the students and material, etc.?
A typical class is 25 minutes with two students present. We use fun materials from Oxford University Press. After each lesson, you need to submit a memo of each student's performance in class.

4. How flexible is it?
You can choose your working hours, subject to a minimum number (currently 12 hours minimum, over 3-4 days per week.) Classes work in pairs, so they prefer you to work the same days each week. You can remove slots from your schedule every six months, but you can add extra slots at any time by arrangement.

5. Can you explain how the pay works?
Landi has a base pay, calculated during your interview, per slot with two students. Classes with only one student pay less. For good attendance in the month, you qualify for an extra $1-2. They pay monthly. (Landi is currently advertising pay of $10-18 p/h.)

6. Any tips for others thinking of teaching with Landi or similar organisations?
Be yourself. Enjoy the classes, and the students will, too. Always be prepared for lessons. Online teaching is fantastic!

Thank you, Juanette! Hope you continue to love your work and the flexibility it brings.


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  • Author: William Bradridge
  • Date: 15/07/2021

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I teach English online with Landi