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Travel & Teach - Thailand

Travel and Teach

Although you need a degree to work in Thailand legally, the situation on the ground is often a little different. There are many good jobs to be had in places neighbouring Phuket, such as Phang Nga, and nearby provinces in the south such as Surat Thani and Krabi. These are very attractive destinations and quite popular among newly-trained teachers. They offer employment with reasonable salary, cheap accommodation and subsistence, proximity to beaches and easy travel to tourist resorts at the weekend.

A limited number of positions appear online at websites such as www.tefl.com, the excellent Thailand jobs and information website: http://www.ajarn.com. Work appears to be fairly plentiful all year round, both in term time and in summer, as students often take extra classes in the holidays. The quieter period is just after Christmas. Prospects are good for the self-employed freelancer but only when you have been in one place for a while and have established yourself. 

In order to obtain a teaching post with one institute, rather than teaching appointments with several, you may wish to try to convince a prospective employer that you are likely to be around for some time and that you therefore a career teacher rather than a traveller. Despite the perceived laid back attitude of Thailand, it is also important to dress smartly and quite conservatively.

Eager students should also help to make your first teaching experience less daunting and much more enjoyable. A busy nightlife can certainly be found in the big cities, but if you stay in the cities you risk missing out on the real delights the country has to offer, and venturing smaller provincial towns also yields its own rewards.

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