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Travel & Teach - Russia

Travel and Teach

We are beginning to see more and more positions advertised on the internet (websites such as www.tefl.com will regularly have postings in Russia).  There are also a few voluntary organisations which recruit for Russia and you can find more details about these in Teaching English Abroad, available through our bookshop page. 

Native English speakers with a TESOL certificate should not have a problem finding work, but you will find a TESOL industry that is large and unregulated. Obtaining a list of schools for each region is impossible. However, the British Council in Moscow may be able to help. Recruitment organisations based in the UK are likely to offer the best terms which can include accommodation and return air ticket (e.g. Language Link.)

The situation regarding permits and visas is complicated and liable to change. We strongly recommend contacting the Russian Embassy in London for the latest information. We have heard reports that many schools do not adhere to the law concerning employing foreign nationals, as the right to invite and employ foreigners from abroad has only been granted to a few companies. But technically you will need an employer to gain permission on your behalf in order for you to be able to work for them legally. Reputable recruitment agencies, chain schools and placement organisation will sort this out for you. For all other organisations, you will need to be careful and ensure the necessary process and paperwork has been done as there are employers who will try and short cut the bureaucratic system and it may be the teachers who are liable if caught. Many teachers do in fact work outside the law but do so at their own risk. 

When you get there, adverts for teachers appear in the English language newspapers, The St.Petersburg Times, Moscow Times and Moscow Tribune. Jobs are not just confined to the big cities and there is demand throughout the country and summer schools in the tourist resorts. Presently, the greatest demand is for flexible teachers for general English classes.

Our course recommendations for finding work successfully in Russia are:

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