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Travel & Teach - Portugal


Portugal has joined Spain and Italy as one of the ‘hottest’ EFL destinations in Europe. Thanks largely to EU money and an increase in tourism, and even in spite of the recent economic downturn, the demand for English is still strong.  There is a push to help youngsters develop their English language skills and a corresponding demand for business English as well, as Portugal does more business internationally.

Portuguese students of English also speak with a surprisingly good accent in marked contrast to their Spanish counterparts. Most of the teaching follows the academic school year. If you are looking for work on the spot then the best time is in September or January. Work opportunities are more limited in July and August, where it is simply too hot to work, and it is not uncommon for factories to shut down for a couple of weeks in the summer.

Tips for teaching English in Portugal:

In a country that values education, a good, accredited TESOL is highly prized.

* choose the 150-hour TESOL Premier Plus for Europe
* add a 30-hour Business TESOL as this specialism is very much in demand
* alternatively take the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners course if you prefer to work in this popular sector

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