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Travel & Teach - New Zealand


New Zealand has dramatic and spectacular landscapes, forests, amazing wildlife and a pleasant climate that makes it a very popular choice for EFL travellers, especially for those keen on outdoor activities and extreme sports. It is a paradise for nature lovers with mountain chains, steaming volcanoes and lush rainforests. It has a relatively open feel, being about the size of the UK but only one-fifteenth of the population. 

There is a high demand for English teaching and a flourishing private sector. Prospects for finding work are good as the demand for English teachers increases. Standards are also high within the EFL industry here and you would be advised to get some actual teaching practice under your belt before you go. If you are able to secure a teaching position, you can expect a contract, which should afford you a relatively good standard of living.

Tips for teaching English in New Zealand:

* choose the 250-hour TESOL Master course for New Zealand
* add a 30-hour Business TESOL at the checkout as this specialism is very much in demand
* consider the 20-hour Teaching English Online course so you can teach online as well. 

* alternatively, the 300-hour TESOL Professional course combines all of the above courses.

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