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There are fantastic opportunities for TESOL graduates in this modern, vibrant Asian country. It is often a great place to begin a teaching Korea as there are plenty of opportunities, agencies to hand-hold you through the paperwork and some great 1 year contracts which include airfare, accommodation and a good wage enabling you to save. This is all due to the fact that Korea is fast becoming an economic heavyweight in the region and it is a great place to experience the culture and environment of the east, with the mod-cons of the west.

English is taught in mainstream schools, but there has also been an explosion in the number of students wishing to learn English at the kindergarten level. Learning English in Korea is big business, and is seen as so. Sometimes the English language teacher will feel like a pawn on a chess board – the system of Hagwons (private language schools) sometimes seems to put the money before the standard of teaching.

Tips for teaching English in Korea:

* take the Premier 120-hr TESOL for Asia as a basic qualification
* add in the Volunteer Teaching Practice course (20-hours, extendible) if you are aiming to work under the EPIK scheme

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