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Travel and Teach

German employers will normally want to see you before offering any form of contract. This obviously favours the teacher who is prepared to travel and apply for jobs on spec.

Although you are unlikely to be teaching beginners, some knowledge of German will help your application, as will a driving licence. At interview, it is imperative that you ‘dress for business’ and ensure you have a professionally prepared and presented CV that highlights your contact, however minimal, with the commercial world. You might find the guide to writing your CV on our site quite helpful here. 

Well known chain or franchise language schools, such as Berlitz and Wall Street English are also well-represented in Germany. 

If arriving on spec, try the Yellow Pages in the big cities and the British Council offices. Also see the advice of former students in the Student Comments section, plus a more in-depth article from Global English graduate, Nick Ponter who is teaching English in Germany.

The nature of the EFL market place in Germany also means that employers generally prefer commercial experience over purely academic credentials alone.

Our recommended course options for Germany are:

since few in TESOL have a specialism. This can be very appealing to employers and ensures you have the key skills for the market.

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