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Travel & Teach - Chile

Travel and Teach

As with many countries in this region, there is a slight preference for American English. There is more competition for teaching jobs among the larger institutes in Santiago, where qualifications and experience are often required.  But the government push to increase the ability and level of English among younger learners has led to an increasing demand for teachers in this area as well.

What do I need to teach English in Chile?
A degree and TEFL certificate will enhance your prospects, as will any business qualifications or experience. There is an increasing amount of in-company teaching to middle management and senior management as the commercial sector continues to grow robustly.

What is the best time to find work teaching English in Chile - and how?
The academic year runs from March to December and so the best time to look for work is November -January.  Make speculative enquiries to schools on the net before traveling. Consider volunteer teaching through a variety of agencies as an 'in' otherwise. You can pick up the occasional TEFL job direct from the employer on you can advertise for private clients in the principle newspaper El Mercurio. Other sources of invaluable contacts are English language bookshops.

Chile has several well-qualified and experienced teachers, so picking up work could be more challenging than some of the other South American countries. But there are opportunities and speculative CV’s sent beforehand might prove useful. Even if they don’t yield immediate success, the schools may remember that they have heard of you and be more inclined to give you some work when you later present yourself on their doorstep. If you are looking for work in the business English sector, remember to highlight any business or commercial experience you may have. Dress in a business like manner to create that vital first impression at interview.

The British Council (see Useful Contacts) may be able to provide a list of schools throughout the country.  However you may find that an employer will want to see you before committing to giving you a job. If you can secure work before you travel, you will be able to obtain a work visa via the Chilean Consulate or Embassy in your country, or your employer may help you by doing the necessary paperwork in Chile. Alternatively you can travel on a tourist visa and exchange it for a work visa when you find employment, but you will have to leave the country to do this.  Again some employers may help you in this process, although many teachers continue to work on a tourist visa, as the interest from the local police is minimal.

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