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Travel & Teach - Bangladesh


If you like a TEFL challenge then teaching English in Bangladesh could be for you.

As with India, there is no integrated TEFL industry in Bangladesh. Indeed, while English is in demand, few people can afford to pay for English instruction, so it is difficult for private sector schools to flourish. 

That said, there are still opportunities for EFL teachers, particularly if you are prepared to fund yourself and work on a tourist visa (at least initially). While EFL teachers cannot work in the state sector, there are opportunities to find private work in English-medium schools. Qualified teachers often end up involved in teacher training. If you do choose Bangladesh as your EFL destination, be prepared for large student numbers, perhaps accompanied by less than adequate resources. A rich cultural history and warm welcome could more than make up for this.

Tips for teaching English in Bangladesh:

* take a quality, accredited TESOL course such as the 120-hour TESOL Premier course
* the 30-hour Teaching English to Young Learners course 

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