Test my English Level

This is a test of English ability.

Please only take this test if you intend to enrol onto a Global English TESOL course, but aren’t sure of your English language level.

We only count your first attempt towards enrolment onto one of our courses. Note that your email address will be recorded. We will email successful candidates with next step options.

For each of the questions, please choose the best option to complete the sentence or conversation.

There are 25 questions in total. At the end of the quiz, click on submit to send us your test details and obtain your result.

1) Can I come to your house?

2) What new car will you buy this year?

3) I don’t know what to do.

4) I’d like a ticket to Canterbury please.

5) Let’s go to the cinema tonight.

6) My headache is ______ bad that I just want to lay down in a dark room.

7) Once in a ______ I really like just relaxing on a beach in the sun.

8) James Peterson is the ________ of the company.

9) What an amazing present! I ______ it so much; you _______ so kind.

10) The conference concluded _____ the chairman thanking the delegates for coming.

11) Could you please _______ me a call before you come over?

12) John was looking forward _________ his brother in Turkey, but the travel restrictions made it impossible.

13) You can still teach English in many places, ________ it’s a little more difficult if you are not native speaker.

14) It’s been over six years _______ they retired to Western Australia.

15) The library has a copy of the book I’m looking for. I’ve asked them to hold ____ it for me.

16) If Georgina _______ her umbrella, she wouldn’t have got so wet.

17) The weather isn’t ______ as bad as this in the UK.

18) Oh no! My camera’s broken. I suppose I’ll have to _______ it.

19) I am planning a life change next year – I’m going to look for a new _____ with more chances of advancement.

20) At the very _______ you owe me the ______ of the loan.

21) I’d rather you ______ home in daylight rather than after dark.

22) If you’re looking for Alan, he went tree climbing to _______ some fruit for me.

23) I can only drink really _______ coffee.

24) I’m so _______. This film is so _________.

25) John is looking for a flat in close _______ to his job.

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