Quiz 1 – In the classroom

In our first quiz, we are going to take a look at a teaching episode, where one of our tutors, Louisa, is in the classroom conducting a listening lesson with some upper intermediate level students. Have a look at the clip below, then try to answer the questions based on the video. There is one correct answer for each question. Afterwards, you'll receive your results and an explanation of why each answer is correct.

Enjoy the video, which shows a listening lesson.

1. A warmer activity – this is part of a TESOL lesson, but what part of the lesson do you think it is? Your answer:

2. Giving instructions: when the teacher gives the instructions, what do you notice? Your answer:

3. Room Layout – students are sitting in two groups of 3 behind long tables. Why has the teacher set up the room in this way? Your answer:

4. Pre-teaching: here the teacher gets students to guess what the typical dishes of Thailand and Spain might be. Why does she do this? Your answer:

5. First Listening – how will the teacher ensure that students have the correct answers to the questions set during the first listening? Your answer:

6. Second Listening – what is the purpose of the second listening? Your answer:

7. Post Listening - let's look at the post listening exercise. The teacher gets students to speak in their groups about special dishes from their countries. Why does she do this? Your answer:

Please enter the following details before you obtain your result.

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