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How to get a TESOL job with no experience

How to get a TESOL job with no experience

Our top tips for getting an English teaching job as a new TESOL graduate

Many of our TESOL trainees are completely new to the profession when they enrol and as a result, they often ask: “What are my job prospects with no teaching experience?”

The good news is demand is still very high for people new to teaching English, but it always pays to enhance your employability. So here are our top tips for getting an English teaching job straight after qualifying.

1.  Dig deep into your background
An employer who asks for classroom experience may still consider you if you have ever delivered any kind of training or held a position of responsibility. So, if you have ever coached a group of kids or led presentations in your current job, ensure these are clearly outlined in your CV/resume.

Similarly, if you have ever lived abroad, mention this in your application as it can show you are adaptable, open-minded and keen to learn. Transferable skills and qualities can count.

2. Get some experience
There are more innovative ways to gain useful EFL experience than you think. Have you tried any of the following?

* Volunteer locally to help teach English. Try searching Google for ‘free English classes' alongside where you live. Voluntary organisations may welcome some help.

* Engage in hosting and teaching via a homestay program or volunteer to teach English conversation in return for room and board on an organised host programme.

* Obtain an inexpensive 20 hour Teaching Practice Certificate in addition to your online TESOL as evidence of classroom exposure.

* Teach English online. You’ll be paid to teach and will gain invaluable experience without even leaving home. View these online teaching jobs opportunities for our course graduates.

3. Make yourself stand out in other ways
Very few in TESOL or TEFL have trained on a course with a specialism, so you can really stand out with extra teaching qualifications, such as Business English or Young learners. So, consider adding these to our 120 hour accredited TESOL course or higher.

Certificates in these areas show that you have additional expertise and a commitment to your own continuing professional development.

4. We’re here to help
Check out our TESOL jobs.

All our TESOL graduates have access to the employers advertising on our jobs board for life. Plus the latest positions from jobs giant tefl.com are fed into each trainee’s student area on a daily basis.

Ensure your TEFL CV/resume really sells you and download our PDF  CV/resume template.
All TESOL graduates get free TESOL resume help and checking for free. 

Every teacher had to start somewhere so don't worry if you don't have any experience when you first launch your new TEFL career. What you lack in classroom exposure, you will likely make up for in enthusiasm! Remember, there is nothing like being in your first role to build confidence.



What next? 

* Start your career with an online accredited online TESOL course

* Ask your TESOL related questions to Louisa direct on lwalsh@global-english.com


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