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One of the leading agencies in Korea recruiting now for public schools and major private English language academies. Looking for great English teachers who have solid communication skills and a passion for teaching English to EFL students.


Town/ city location: 

Position title:   
ESL Teaching in Korea

Number of teaching positions available:  

Length of contract:         
1year (Minimum)

Start date:          
Every month

Hours per week /duties/type of teaching:          
*Kindergarten to High school students
To teach speaking, writing, and some cases university entry level English grammars, to Korean children. Optimistic and upbeat personality and patience are always a plus; even more so when you are asking for active participation of children in their learning process.

2.0-2.5mil Korean won

Paid Holidays:  
10 days and National holidays

Additional benefits:
*Full furnished single housing  
*Free Flight ticket (round trip) paid.
*7 to 10 days paid vacation plus all national holidays.
*Employer pays 50% of the medical insurance cost (covering the period of employment).
*Visa sponsored.

Qualifications and Requirements
Global English TESOL course
- Citizen of USA, Canada, Britain, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.
- 4 years Bachelor Diploma from universities in USA, Canada, Britain, or Australia.
- No criminal record within current residence in USA, Canada, Britain, or Australia

Nationality preferred:  
Must be a Citizen of USA, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and NZ.

Other qualifications:     
Bachelor`s degree of above                       

Experience required:    
No – but preferred

Other requirements:    
Criminal check record issued by the Central Government                   


This post is advertised for Global English TESOL trainees. Current trainees or graduates from Global English TESOL are welcome to enquire. Simply type your Global English student number into the additional comments box below. We will check it and send details of the post to eligible candidates, so you can enquire with the employer direct.

Already trained with another provider and interested in this post?

Click on the specialist course link here to upgrade your qualification by purchasing any Global English TESOL specialist course. Then you will be eligible to enquire about any advertised post with us.

Information on job posts is only available to Global English trainees or graduates.   


Reference: Kor1 - Enquire Now

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