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With over 800 schools, China’s biggest and 'best' TEFL recruitment agency recruit year-round for EFL teachers. British run company taking the hard part out of job hunting for teaching in China positions. 100% free placement!


Town/ city location:                                                      

Number of TEFL/TESOL positions available:       
50 vacancies each month

Start date, hours per week and length of contract:         
Monthly starts available in cities all over China. Generally, you’ll be teaching about 18-20 real hours per week with some office hours for lesson planning, meetings, teacher skills workshops, etc. All positions are for 12 months.

Pay, holidays and additional benefits: 
Pay does vary from city to city, mainly due to living costs in different parts of China. For smaller cities, you’ll be on around £800 per month (after tax) + free housing. This goes a very long way in China and you’ll be able to save. For larger cities, you’ll be looking at £900 per month + free housing.

All  jobs come with full working visas for China (important), and teh agency and school will both do all the hard work for you and explain each step of the way to make things simple for you.

At the end of the year, schools in China pay a bonus roughly equivalent to your flight costs to reimburse your fight ticket.

Is there a placement fee or any other fee to the applicant for arranging their position?
None. All placements are 100% free to teachers.

Qualifications and Requirements
Any Global English TESOL courseHowever, longer courses will give you more options. The Global English TESOL Premier 120 hour course is recommended as a minimum; it will prepare you better as a teacher and show the school you are serious about your TEFL career.

Nationality preferred:  
98% of agency teachers are native-speakers, however it is possible to place non-native speakers, as long as the teachers are at near-native level with no noticeable accent.

Other qualifications or TEFL experience:                                                                                 
Teachers should be aged at least 22 years old with a degree and a TEFL certificate. The agency can occasionally assist with non-degree applicants in a limited number of cities in China. 


This post is advertised for Global English TESOL trainees. Current trainees or graduates from Global English TESOL are welcome to enquire. Simply type your Global English student number into the additional comments box below. We will check it and send details of the post to eligible candidates, so you can enquire with the employer direct.

Already trained with another provider and interested in this post?

Click on the specialist course link here to upgrade your qualification by purchasing any Global English TESOL specialist course. Then you will be eligible to enquire about any advertised post with us.

Information on job posts is only available to Global English trainees or graduates.   

Reference: China8 - Enquire Now

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