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250 hour LEVEL 5 Advanced TESOL *Most popular*

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250 hour LEVEL 5 Advanced TESOL *Most popular*

One of the most advanced, accredited TESOL course available online and covering more ground than a CELTA; this course expands on our Level 4 to give more depth on phonetics, phonology and linguistics. Leads to a prestigious 250 hour qualification.


  • Offline price: £395.00

    Offline: PC/Mac compatible. Download in PDF/Word. Option to print coursework for reference.

Our most advanced TESOL course  - and quickly becoming our most popular.  Ideal if you want a prestigious qualification and better worldwide job opportunities. One of the most advanced entry-level TESOL courses possible online...

Delve into the fascinating areas of linguistics and phonology; concepts few other TESOL courses cover. Master the concepts that enable you to go further with your learners - and impress employers at the same time.

You’ll learn phonemic script, understand why different nationalities struggle with English pronunciation, how sounds are produced in the vocal tract, approaches to teaching language, the importance of intonation and stress – and plenty more. We link to some of the best audio and video to bring the course to life and illustrate key concepts.

Ideal if:

  • You wish to start teaching English abroad but want the best qualification in TESOL possible online
  • You are already teaching and wish to formalise your experience with a high level qualification
  • You have an interest in how English works and the issues some nationalities face learning the language
  • You are looking for an advanced qualification in TESOL with the option of a prestigious ACTDEC Level 5 certificate (PDF certificate available for extra £30)

Why this course?

You'll cover the essential TESOL elements in depth - as on our level 3 or 4 course. Then, you will go deeper into the Phonetics, Phonology and Linguistics to give you a fuller appreciation of your students’ needs. This will equip you to best help them improve their English while giving you a unique, high-level qualification to help you stand out in the TESOL world.

* Quality assured by UK certification/accreditation: ISO and ACTDEC
* Covers more areas than a CELTA
* Jobs in Indonesia, China, Taiwan, S.Korea, Japan, Spain and more subject to visa and job criteria
* Personal tutor with you every step of the way for feedback, marking, help and advice
* Best value guaranteed for a prestige, accredited course of this depth

''The course was brilliantly thorough and informative without overloading me with unnecessary information. The website is always being updated with news of careers and improvements. Everything was absolutely balanced to perfection and I wouldn't change a thing.''

Tatiana Parshina, GE level 5 graduate

How the course works

You'll access your personal student area where you can meet your tutor, download your course and view the latest TESOL jobs worldwide via our jobs feed.

After downloading your first module (there are 6 in total a final more in-depth written assignment) you can work offline/online as you wish. There are short tasks and in-depth activities throughout the course.

Upload each module when finished for full marking and feedback from your tutor.
There is no final exam; you are graded on your marks across the modules.

Your final award is graded on the following scale: A, B or Pass and this is shown on your Global English Certificate.

Access live teaching segments, podcasts and explore some of the top EFL material on the web today to keep you interested & motivated. We've made this course as flexible and easy for you to access as possible.


Our courses are open to all native and non-native English speakers with good written and spoken English. If you are a non-native English speaker, please see the course eligibility requirements on our FAQ page. Remember you can always ask us if you are not sure about your level of English.

Applicants should be 17 years or older with a good standard of education or significant life experience. If you would like any advice on this, please contact us on +44 (0) 1392 411 999.


This 7 module course is approx. 250 study hours and typically takes between 12-24 weeks to complete but you can go faster or slower than that if you wish. We work at your pace but allow up to 18 months for course completion which is ample!

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All courses can be started at any time, have personal tutor support and a 14 day money back guarantee
* Includes 1 year subscription to materials provider 'handouts online'