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  • 30 hours of course materials and video
  • Focus on teaching pronunciation, phonetics and phonology
  • Personal, dedicated tutor support + 6 months for completion
  • Access to student forum and online teaching resources
  • Assistance with CV and access to our jobs board
  • Free 30 hour Teaching English Phonetics certificate (PDF) on completion
  • Study online from tablet/computer or offline, all for just £125



  • You are already TESOL qualified, seeking to develop professionally
  • Looking to deepen your knowledge and understanding of phonetics

30 hour Introduction to Phonetics

A 30-hour online TESOL course specialising in Teaching English Phonetics and Phonology, and how we help our students with their pronunciation. This course is for teachers who already hold an initial TESOL qualification (weekend, online or CELTA course) and wish to improve their skills and understanding of English pronunciation.


  • Offline price: £125.00

    Offline: PC/Mac compatible. Download in PDF/Word. Option to print coursework for reference.

  • Interactive price: £125.00

    Interactive: PC/Mac/tablet compatible. Work on our interactive platform. Good internet access required.

A popular course with a focus on the theory of phonetics and phonology, with fantastic ideas for how to help your students with their pronunciation. Includes links to video clips outlining some of the key concepts in this area, along with audio and written materials so you can study and learn at your own pace. Key questions help you develop your own understanding of how our language works, so you can be better equipped to teach it. 

We delve into the 26 letters and 45 sounds our language has to show you how you can help your students with their pronunciation.

Specific sections deal with Speech Production mechanics and how we articulate sounds, before we look at the areas of vowel and consonant production. We deal with sentence stress and intonation, how we articulate sounds and how we help our students if they have a particular pronunciation problem.  

Written by EFL professionals with a wealth of experience in phonetics, this course makes creative use of video, podcasts, images and text, with links to websites where you can find great supporting materials for your own classroom. 

Interactive or offline? Choose your mode of study

Interactive: if you’ve got a good broadband connection and are comfortable working entirely online via a tablet/PC/Mac, this is ideal. Enjoy the benefits of our interactive platform. See sample interactive screenshots by clicking on the green interactive button above.

Offline: prefer to work in Word/PDF? Don’t have a reliable internet connection? Offline is for you. Download your course – even print out the study books if you wish, only going online to upload/download your work and access the online components such as video and podcasts. (Not compatible with tablets.) View sample pages on the certification tab above.

Both methods come with access to a personal student area where you can meet your tutor, get advice, support and full feedback on your work and view the latest TESOL jobs worldwide via our jobs feed.  

Course content for both modes of study is broadly the same but the modules are organised differently. Compare course content and organisation at the Course Content tab above.


This course is for existing EFL teachers who wish to enhance their career and learn more about teaching in this specialised area of Phonetics and Phonology. Applicants should already hold a TEFL certificate and have some experience in teaching EFL.

Our courses are open to all native and non-native English speakers with good written and spoken English. If you are a non-native English speaker, please see the course eligibility requirements on our FAQ page. Remember you can always ask us if you are not sure about your level of English. 

We also welcome application from schools wishing to train their teachers in-house.


This course is approx. 30 study hours and typically take between 3-4 weeks to complete, but you can go faster or slower than that if you wish. Because many of our trainees are balancing work/life commitments, we go at your speed and allow up to 6 months for course completion. You can check out what’s covered in this specialist module on your course on the course content tab above.

Everything you need to complete your course and gain your certificate is included in the one fee above. However, check out these optional extras:

  • Additional time course extensions available if you need to go beyond 180 days 
  • Global English printed and embossed certificate posted to you (£15 UK / £20 outside)

This course blends perfectly with the Global English Introduction to Linguistics course or the Global English Total Grammar course for an additional 10% discount.

It's also included in our 250 hour TESOL Master course.  

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Certificate Yes. ACTDEC YES. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. ACTDEC Yes. GE Yes. GE Yes. GE Yes. GE Yes. 20 or 28 hour
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